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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Haas Machines > Removing pockets from side mount tool holder for clearance - How involved of a task?
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    Removing pockets from side mount tool holder for clearance - How involved of a task?

    I am looking at purchasing a Haas DM-2 and my maximum height on my garage door opening is 85.50" ( this is my height after removing all wood trim )

    I downloaded the 3d cad drawing for this machine and it looks like if I remove 5 of the individual tool pockets from the top of the side mount tool carousel the machine will squeeze in ( my plan would be to remove the leg bolts and lay down a piece of sheet metal to slide the machine across, till it gets inside the building and then deal with trying to get it jacked back up to get a pallet jack under it for finishing the move )

    My question is can the tool pockets be removed while in the top position? ( I've highlighted the tools I want to remove in Yellow on the attached drawing )

    The light yellow line reflects the height of my garage door opening.

    The spindle head on the drawing in this drawing is not all the way down, so once it's moved all they way down to the bed it won't be an issue.

    The other option would be to remove the whole side mount tool changer wheel, but I'm guessing that would be a pretty involved job ?



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    Re: Removing pockets from side mount tool holder for clearance - How involved of a ta

    Just a quick update on this, I did purchase this machine, and the tool pockets were very easy to remove.

    I removed the sheet metal cover that goes over the tool holder wheel, and once that was removed the individual pockets came off by just removing 2 hex bolts.

    Just for the record, our garage door opening ( after removing all of the wood trim boards ) was 85.75" and we still had to cut a 1 inch small notch in the header for the tool holder wheel to slip through.

    Our rigger slipped some square pipes through the holes on the bottom base of the machine, and this allowed him to get his forklift forks under these pipes for moving the unit. This allowed him to basically get the machine all the way down to the floor. He spread dish soap on the floor and it slid across it with no problem at all ( true story )

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