Hi all, long time no post but I have purchased a Renishaw mp3 probe to use in my Cincinnati Sabre which currently has no machine wiring for a touch probe. I can deal with the heidenhain control side myself, but my main problem is I am lacking a Renishaw IMM to match up with the probe having the IMP inductive link. I don't want to convert to cable as I've seen elsewhere because I want the probe in the carousel between probing cycles. I've looked about my usual places and I haven't seen a IMM for sale. I guess they stay with the vmc for life once fitted by the builder so are rare to find, and Renishaw have them as NLA.

Does anyone have any more in-depth information about the IMM? I understand its a inductive power emitter with a data link element and has 3 screened wires as per the IMM documentation Renishaw have for download, but that's as much as I know. Would it be possible to make a replacement if I had a MI5 available?