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    Replace Bearings Hityachi M12CV

    I need to replace the bearings on my Hitachi M12CV router. i have it stripped it down to where I have removed the left hand top nut and attached magnet.
    All the screws are out and i hesitate to put any uneducated force on the remaining assembly.
    Hope someone that has experience in this area can help.

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    Re: Replace Bearings Hityachi M12CV

    You may find this pictorial how-to useful:


    (Note the model number referenced on that page does not include the "CV" suffix you mentioned.)

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    Re: Replace Bearings Hityachi M12CV

    Thanks RS I found those instructions too, where I’m having trouble is separating the darker gray part where the brushes are mounted from the round aluminum lower body of the router. I have removed all the screws from the top of the brush assembly and the left hand nut with the round magnet attached to it.
    I don’t see anything else causing the two sections to stick together other than the friction between the two sections.
    My thought is to make a couple of half round pieces of wood that closely fits the round aluminum body and clamp it lightly in the vice and use a hardwood and hammer to see if I can drive the darker brush holder assemble off. What do you think of that approach?
    I have two hitachi M 12 VC routers and changed the bearings in the other one a few years ago and don’t recall the difficulty in separating these two pieces on it then.

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