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    Replacing NEMA motors.

    Hi All.
    My Y axis motor makes whining noises after it stops moving. It's a NEMA 34. Sort of a high pitched noise for a second or two.
    Not complaining as I literally put thousands off hours on the machine and the motors aren't expensive. I'll replace it.
    Just curious if anyone had noticed similar issues.

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    Re: Replacing NEMA motors.

    Sounds like motor tuning, or something mechanical has changed, such as motor load has changed since original tuning?
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    Re: Replacing NEMA motors.

    It may be the drive rather than the motor.

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    Re: Replacing NEMA motors.

    Start swapping parts. Swap the drives and see if the issue changes. Also remove the motor from that axis and see if it moves freely or if something is wrong there. Steppers usually don't fail, so I would swap those last.

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