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    Request for Quote - Laser Cutting Mild Steel 2mm + 4mm UK EU or China

    As per the title.

    RFQ for Laser Cutting of small parts from Mild Steel, majority being 4mm, with 1 item being 2mm.

    RFQ preference is for the UK, EU or China as from experience the shipping cost from the USA will be too high including for duty...... but you are welcome to quote if you really want tofrom experiance I suspect that the cost will be prohibitive though.

    All of the quantities are shown in the file name as are the material thicknesses

    All files are within the attached zipped folder.

    Shipping will be to the United Kingdom, post code Liverpool, L1 1DE for the purposes of quotation {the correct and full address will be given at time of order}

    The parts could be 2.5D milled + drilled but I expect that the cost would be higher than high speed laser.


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    Re: Request for Quote - Laser Cutting Mild Steel 2mm + 4mm UK EU or China

    I can't open this drawing here.
    Can you send it to me by mail?
    Over 30 year in cnc machining parts business.CNC Turning, Milling, Drilling, Planning, Grinding, Welding www.plusminusthree.com Email:kon@plusminusthree.com

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    Re: Request for Quote - Laser Cutting Mild Steel 2mm + 4mm UK EU or China

    hi, we are manufacturer from china, could you please send the drawing information to info@ebi-part.com

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