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    Retro Systems

    Now i have found a company named Retro Systems delivering a range of cutting systems. The one I'm looking at is one called Mini Hornet. It comes with an Edge2 TI controller from Hypertherm. Is there anything i should bare in mind when it comes to software compatibility other aspects? My application is fabrication of duct fittings and other products related to the HVAC industry. I need a system that is reliable and will my life easier, but not cause me problems. And we are willing to pay the price they are asking if the system is what they're saying it is. It will cost us somewhere around $40,000. Are there other systems i should look at in this price range, or is this the way to go? Would you reccomend the controllers that are not PC based, like MultiCam and others? Any comments or advice will be greatly appreciated. I'm not going to persuade the owners to invest big bucks in this sort of equipment, without knowing it's the right stuff. Then my ass is fried

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    Make sure it comes with a good fitting library, a good nestings program and that it is easy to learn.

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    Re: Retro Systems

    I purchased a mini hornet unit in 2023. I have had nothing but poor customer service, lack of concern in getting the unit running etc. We ended up laying off an employee after losing contracts based on the length of downtime. They do not have parts for this unit in stock and it has taken months to repair. I would not suggest this unit based on down time & company turnover inside Hornet. .When the tech showed up onsite he was just as surprised as me to see that the servo motor had a 2009 mfg. date on it.

    The only reason we are not pursuing legal action is the Hornet warrantee states legal action must be handled in Kansas which will cost as much as the machine. My attorneys advice was "In his experience when it takes this long for service and large company turnover, the real question is....Do you think they have enough money to pay even if you win?"

    In my opinion BUYER BEWARE. feel free to message me regarding my experience. HORRIBLE FEEDBACK!

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