Hello all!

I have been given a mission (of my group of friends, I'm the only one who talks English and at least understands some basics in regards to electronics, not a paid gig) to start looking into retrofitting a machine with CNC capabilities.

We have an old Kern 10/16 (basically a desktop CNC but super precise and perfect for our needs) that works and we're using that for now, its a closed loop system, its belt driven and uses servo motors(we think its servo driven anyway). However, the old Heidenhain 355 controller is really old and takes up more space than the machine. To get an idea of what we use it for. We are watchmakers and we want to make our own watch, so we mill mostly brass, and our passes are very gentle

So, I wanted to ask for some good resource to help me understand what parts are needed, be sure to know what specifications to look for to know if motors, controllers and drivers all communicate with each other and work.

I was looking into a Masso G3, but how can I make sure my drivers/motors talk to it correctly before ordering? Should I look at getting new drivers straight away? How can I make sure my motors can talk to new drivers? Will these three talk to the talk to the NC linear scales? etc etc.

At this stage, as you might surmise, any help is appreciated at this stage, I'm really starting from scratch here.
Thank you for your time