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    RF-45 single phase motor

    I have a Rong Fu RF-45 (not a clone, an actual Rong Fu) that I purchased a few years ago and am just now getting setup in my garage. I realized my RF-45 has a 3 phase motor and being in a residential zone I only have single phase power so I either need to buy a phase converter or source a new motor.

    Anybody have a single phase motor for sale that is compatible with this machine? I'm also happy to trade since I (probably) have no use for this 3 phase motor.

    Or, if anybody has a single phase version of this machine and know the motor model number or dimensions (frame size and spindle diameter), that would also be helpful!

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    Re: RF-45 single phase motor

    If the motor can be configured for 230v then you can use a 1ph in - 3ph out VFD.
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