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    RichAuto A11 and RichAuto A18

    Recently I purchased a “used” machine. This machine came with the RichAuto A11e pendant.

    On The motherboard, where all of the connections are made, there is a port for a C-Axis. However the pendent does not have the C+ or the C- on buttons 4 and 8 such as with the A18 controller.

    I want to add a rotary axis to this machine. Can I add the stepper driver and the stepper to this port and utilize it? I’m wondering if one could flash the A18 firmware onto the A11 bc the only “Visible” difference is the absence of the C+ and C- Labels on the A11.

    The only information that I can find after scouring the internet for hours is a CNCzone thread that stays the C axis port is linked to the Y port and just sends the same signals as the Y axis.

    I would assume that one could change the parameters on the A11e so that the C is not slaved to the Y axis. And even though the button does not state C+ or C- they should still operate the new rotary axis accordingly.

    Are there internal differences of the Pendants A11 and A18? I know that a replacement keypad (only then keypad) for the A18 can be purchased for somewhere around $15 (us). And the only difference that I can see is the C+ and C- not being on the A11 keypad.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated

    Thanks for your assistance.

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    Update to my own thread.

    I reached out to RichAuto.
    Here is the message that I sent


    Recently I purchased a CNC with your RichAuto A11e controller.

    I want to add a rotary axis to this machine.

    The motherboard has a location for the C-Axis outputs for a stepper driver.

    Can I add a stepper driver and a stepper to this output? And control it from the A11 pendant?

    I realize that the A11 does not have the C+(4) or the C-(8) on the buttons like the A18 pendant.

    Will these buttons still control the C+ and C- on the A11 pendant?

    Can the A18 firmware be flashed onto the A11?

    By looking at the two controllers the look identical except for the C+ and C-

    Your assistance is much appreciated.

    This was the response

    Dear sir
    Sorry,can’t .
    If you want C axis you can using the RZNC-1004, it is 1-4 axis controller, and you can setup A or C for working as rotary.
    Richauto controller can’t change firmware at all. If you done,the controller will be locked as black screen.RZNC Controller can change firmware.

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