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    Right-angle milling head


    I'm looking to buy a right-angle milling head to use on this horizontal mill. I do have a few questions on how to add tool and program it with Mastercam (fully licensed);

    1 - can I just add the tool in the tool library and go from there like I do with a threading tool (importing model)?
    2 - does the post needs to be modified for this to work?
    3 - if I want to use the tool in 8 different angles, do I need to have 8 different tools or mastercam would offer that option?

    much appreciate in advanced.

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    Re: Right-angle milling head

    Remember any time you want something new in MC they will find a way to charge you a few thousand dollars. I set up several angled heads and my trick was to use three axis drive curves to so what I needed without any extra multi axis modules, I would created wireframe curves and drive the spindle axis and z axis intersection point as a large cutter and would use 3d curves or trace tool paths.l

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    Re: Right-angle milling head

    Thanks warrenb, I totally understand what you're saying, I prefer to just leave the post alone---been burned in the past.
    I do have to start somewhere and your notes are strong start indeed!

    1 - import tool model at desired angle
    2 - generate code with modified machine definitions. no post modifications needed.


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