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    Question RnR usb cnc controller with ESTLCAM

    Hello, need help connecting RnR Usb cnc break out board (link below) to ESTLCAM


    I can connect this board to Mach 3 but it would be more convenient to connect to ESTLCAM it is compatible with Arduino nano/uno/mega (estlcam pinout), GRBL 0.8/0.9-1.1/All , Ramps , LPT/Terminal adapter (estlcam hardware)

    has anyone done it and is there any solution to it

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    Re: RnR usb cnc controller with ESTLCAM

    You can replace the firmware of this board by grblHAL (grbl compatible). Beware, you can't go back to the Mach3 firmware.

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    Re: RnR usb cnc controller with ESTLCAM

    What about Emergency stop/probe and limit switches?
    As per board documentation it uses for each feature separate input slot, but per link documentation each input slot is dedicated to axial limit switch?

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    Re: RnR usb cnc controller with ESTLCAM

    The original firmware of this board has assigned the pin functions and that can not be changed.
    In grblHAL you could, within limitations, make your own pin mapping. However, It will be very confusing if your pin mapping does not match the pin description on the board.

    If you do change to grblHAL, I suggest you use the pin mapping that is used by the developer of this grblHAL version to avoid problems.

    Before you start, read the whole blog and check if you board is compatible.

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    Re: RnR usb cnc controller with ESTLCAM

    So basically i have finished connecting everything and decided to test it out how does it react to the LS being triggered
    Estlcam does show it ,but doesnt program the controller(error : maybe other program is blocking) and also when supplieing board with 23,5V i get ~22,5V on IN1-4 limmit switch inputs but when trigering it Estlcam doesnt show any trigers. Same goes for any other app like OpenBuild or GRBL controller.

    any clues?

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    Re: RnR usb cnc controller with ESTLCAM

    The first thing to do is check the output using the arduino IDE. Send a "?" to the controller and it should respond by sending something like:
    <Idle|WPos:-2.150,0.000,0.000|Bf:15,128|FS:0,0|WCO:2.150,0.000 ,0.000>
    If you then trigger a limit switch, the output should change. In the next line, limit switch Y is triggered "Pn:Py"
    <Idle|MPos:8.000,0.000,1.999|Bf:29,255|FS:0,0|Pn:P Y|Ov:100,100,100|Se:0.00>

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    Re: RnR usb cnc controller with ESTLCAM

    So basicaly,
    after flashing controller i can only connect to it by first turning a program than connecting usb cable to my computer.
    I did managed to move CNC with GRBL controller but it only moves to all sides and switches relay i do not get any output for axis location or movement.
    Estl cam can see the controller but nothing else (new error: wrong hardware or port selected)

    checking via CMD port connection(mode com6) I'm getting Device COM6 is not currently available.
    also the instant it is connected :
    Status for device COM6:
    Baud: 0
    Parity: None
    Data Bits: 0
    Stop Bits: 1
    Timeout: OFF
    CTS handshaking: OFF
    DSR handshaking: OFF
    DSR sensitivity: OFF
    DTR circuit: OFF
    RTS circuit: ON

    using arduino IDE (LimitSwitches by default are trigered):

    GrblHAL 1.1f ['$' or '$HELP' for help]
    <Idle|MPos:0.000,0.000,0.000|Bf:35,1023|FS:0,0|Pn: PYHS|Ov:100,100,100>
    <Idle|MPos:0.000,0.000,0.000|Bf:35,1024|FS:0,0|Pn: PYHS>
    <Idle|MPos:0.000,0.000,0.000|Bf:35,1024|FS:0,0|Pn: PYZHS>

    it seems like controller is refusing to communicate/be programed
    also as for some controllers USB cable can effect their work or communication so I did change it to no effect

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    Re: RnR usb cnc controller with ESTLCAM

    Grbl uses NO limit switches by default, GrblHAL NC.
    Disable the hardware limits ($21=0) and try to move the X axis using "G0 X1" it should move the X-axis 1 mm in the X plus direction. If that is working, try the same for the other axis.

    I don't use EstleCam but UGS as gui. I checked the EstleCam site but could not find a mention for GrblHAL. That does not mean GrblHAL won't work. Once the CNC is moving, you can ask EstleCam (Christion will sure answer) on how to setup for GrbHAL. I think is is always possible to change the GrblHAL response to emulate a Grbl 1.1f board.
    According to the manual, you have to select "GRBL alle" as controller.

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    Re: RnR usb cnc controller with ESTLCAM

    Hfjbuis many thanks for your support.

    I concluded It is to much of a hassle to reprogram this controller to grbl and have half the functions disabled and issues with proper connection.
    I asked Christion before does estl cam supports that board and he told me that it doesnt, ofc it was before you mentioned that it can be flashed.
    After Flashing it yes you can select Grbl all but it also didnt work, it recognized the board but couldnt save any settings and inputs/outputs were disabled.
    Also I did try out UGS it seems clean and nice, but had issue with probe and one of the axis LS not working so i gues board was damaged or i damaged it during the process.

    In my conclusion ill try to get a refund for it and try with another same board. Also DrufelCNC should work on it without any flashing it cost 100$

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    Re: RnR usb cnc controller with ESTLCAM

    If you go for another board and want to use EstlCAM, isn't an Arduino UNO or Mega not an option. There are screw terminator boards for both.

    I hope you get the new board running,

    Regards Huub

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    Re: RnR usb cnc controller with ESTLCAM


    ESTLCAM and GRBL compatibility

    Estlcam does not use GRBL - it just used the same hardware when GRBL and Estlcam initially started.

    Most GRBL hardware nowadays is unfortunately no longer compatible with Estlcam.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Christian Knüll

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    Re: RnR usb cnc controller with ESTLCAM

    That clarifies a lot.
    I have interpreted the EstlCam hardware requirement totally different even German is my second language.

    So for EstlCam basically you need the hardware from their hardware list.

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