Hi guys, first post.
Can anybody point me in the right direction for a PDF / book that explains in detail how electrically my Stepmore 6040 mid budget cheap Mach 3-3 axis Chinese CNC router style machine with a USB breakout board works, typical cable connections for all associated axis drivers and VF variable frequency speed spindle- preferably with testing procedures ?
So I can do fault finding on this machine?
There are heaps of explanation pdf/books available but I can only find them in Chinese.

I was using this machine to manufacture a small ABS product for internet sales.which I did on this machine for a couple of years once a month.
Then I had an issue with the spindle cutting out- half way through a job then consistently after the dwell period.

That turned out to be induction on the USB computer cable within the control box causing the spindle to drop out.The computer lead cable was tied to the power pack.
So anyway fixed that and by co-incidence or from the original problem (from memory been 2 years) then the hard drive on the associated computer packed it in.

So trying to get it functional again now.
So windows 7-32bit mach3 - I can run all the axis's manually from the key board fine, the zero home reset function works fine, spindle doesn't seem to be working properly, not the right speed and not giving feedback to mach 3 on speed although the spindle is not cutting out.

When I start a gcode file,the spindle doesn't start and the Z axis goes straight up at speed and maxes out to its mechanical stops. (i have used the tested g code files hundreds of times and also the back ups- so no probs there).

Sounds like to me there is something wrong with the feedback loop to mach 3 from VF drive or directly from the spindle.The induction on the computer lead was quite high.

So guys where do I get an in depth book with typical wiring diagrams and explanations on how these basic but still complex machines work ? or do you know of anybody that knows these machines back to front with reasonable rates to fix it in Brisbane. Probably very easy to fix for the right guy.

Got to learn this basic CNC control stuff.So common

Cheers FlameOn