I'm hoping there are still some people out there familiar with this scanner..!

I bought an MDX-40 last year & used the free upgrade to essentially turn it into an MDX-40A. Has been running just fine in 'modelling' mode on an old Windows Vista desktop.
I'd wanted a 3D scanning probe for some time and finally got one off the big auction site. Included was the manual & extra document about upgrading the machine before installing the scanner. The User's Manual states that it will work on the MDX-40. (I'd heard this one scanner will work on the MDX-15/20/40/40A..etc.)
No software disk was included but I did find Dr. Picza 3 and 3D Editor online and installed them without issue. The only result I got back when searching online for the 'UpdateZSC1' file, was from the Roland Japan site, which I was able to partly translate. I downloaded & tried it, but.. It came back with "The Device is Not Connected or not Switched on.".. I'm assuming this is because my machine is now a 40A.. I wasn't even sure if the 40A required this upgrade, considering I can't find this file for the 40A anywhere.. Or maybe, for whatever reason, it was only included on the original disks and not available to download..
When I plug the scanner in and turn the main + sub power on, the 'scanning' light comes on, so I believe the scanner is working as it should.. but I have no other way to test it.

So then I tried a laptop with Windows 7 on it.. Installed the MDX-40A driver + the 3D modelling programs.. & tried that 'UpdateZSC1' file again. Same problem.

Afterwards, thinking that as an MDX-40A it may not require the upgrade, I tried just opening Dr. Picza 3.. Set the port to 'Roland MDX-40A' and hit 'SCAN'.. Then I get the message: 'Port not Ready. Please Verify that the Port is Valid or is not in Use by Another Application.'
Same thing on the laptop.... The MDX interfaces via USB.. So, of course I selected the 'MDX-40A port.' The only other options that come up in Dr. Picza preferences are two COMM ports.
Hoping I won't need to downgrade my machine to an MDX40 just to test & use the scanner..!

I'm thinking there must be an elusive 40A upgrade file out there..

Any help would be greatly appreciated !!