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    Question Romi M17, Fanuc 21i How to do simple things

    Hi Folks:

    I'm brand-new to CNC (One course in M & G codes & basic concepts) and have available a Romi M17 with the Fanuc 21i. Trying to do even the simplest things right now is not particularly successful on my part. Any help getting me started is appreciated - until I get to a course at ROMI in about 4 weeks.

    - Need to know the basic steps for setup on the Fanuc on this lathe (I can get the machine turned on and home'd - no problem there, but how do you turn make the chuck turn in order to face for the z-axis offset and turn for the x-axis offset (Is there a way to automatically set the offsets once the z or x axis turning is completed?)

    - How is the machine used in Manual mode?

    - How does one make the joysticks work and why are they needed since the pulse wheels are already available no the apron?

    - I have the Fanuc 21i manuals, but man . . . jinglish is not making it.

    - One would think that there would be a manual somewhere that could just explain the major concepts of the 21i and WHEN for example to use CNC or Guide, what the differences are and what the control buttons do in each mode.

    Much to learn....


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    To make the spindle run , right hand.Power up the control, home the machine..turn the "CNC/ GUIDE" switch to
    CNC....straight up.
    Turn the selector switch on the upper left of the panel to "MDI"
    press the soft key below the screen at "MDI"
    enter with keyboard...
    MO3S300 (S300 is the spindle speed desired= 300 RPM, MO3 = spindle right hand rotation)
    Then hit the "EOB" key (end of block) and then hit "Insert" Key.
    Finally hit the cycle start button and the spindle will begin rotating.
    To stop the spindle simply hit "Reset" or enter MO5 in the sequence as described above...
    ie: MDI, MO5 EOB, Insert,Cycle Start.

    This is all pretty standard Fanuc speak....
    Once the spindle is rotating you can move the selector to "Jog" . This will allow you to move both the X and Z with the handwheels...(MPG's)

    For simple work the easiest is the "Guide" setup.
    Your machine will work either as full Fanuc "G" code or by using the Romi "Guide" which is a quick programming language....

    Easiest way to run manual is:
    After the control is up and machine is homed turn the "CNC/GUIDE" switch to Guide.
    Turn the selector switch to "JOG"

    There will be a "Home or base display on the screen...here is where you set the general operating conditions for running under Guide or manual.

    You can set the tool number, the max RPM , The surface speed (in feet per minute) the direct RPM the feed rate in both X and Z ......

    Once in Guide the spindle will start with the handle at at the lower right of the apron..the spindle will run at the RPM you entered in the home setup page.....

    The joy stick will allow the machine to power feed at the rate set on the home page...You can only feed in one axis at a time under manual power...(joy stick)

    Stopping the spindle while the joystick is engaged will also stop the feed.
    You can feed without the spindle running if you start the feed with the spindle stopped...the feed overide will work for both powered feed directions...

    There is a good Romi manual that goes over all the GUIDE functions and how to use it....ask your dealer or contact Romi...Its worth having.

    To make a tool selection in Guide with home page active...enter the tool at the top of the page

    Enter a tool number and hit enter when the "Tool" line is highlighted (selected using up/down keys)
    Once the number is entered then press "Tool Change" and "Cycle Start" buttons on the apron.
    A tool is not selected until you call a tool change.
    A tool can not be changed if the spindle or feed is going.

    Once a tool change has been made,You should then see the tool number in the box at the top right of the home screen...in Guide if you selected tool "2" it will read "TOOL 202" in the window. That means tool 2 using offset 2....In guide you can not mix tools and offsets...

    Once you have a tool selected and you wish to set the offset for that tool then:

    Press "OFFSET Setting" key on the panel until you see the soft key for "OFFSET" at the bottom of the screen..

    Select "OFFSET" then select "Geometry".
    There will be a list of all the tools (1-9) on the first page. (G1 G2.....The "G" is for geometry, there is another screen or "Wear" offsets as well and it is shown as W1 W2 ....)

    To set a tool, start the spindle and take a light cut on the OD. Must start spindle and and/or feed when in the "Program mode" at the home screen (press "PROG" to get back there)
    Stop the spindle , don't move the tool and measure the part size.

    Highlight the correct tool number (what ever you selected) and key right or left to highlight the "X" offset.....
    Enter the the value of the diameter of your test part...like this:
    There will be a series of soft keys appear at the screen bottom.
    Press the "MEASUR" key. The value of the X offset will change...the number will be based on the absolute position of X relative to your part diameter.

    If you now return to the "Home Page" ( press the "Prog" button you will return to the Guide home screen). Do a tool change by pressing "Tool Change" and "Cycle Start" on the apron again and the value of the offset will appear in the "X" axis readout.
    Now that tool will read correctly on diameter......
    You can do the same with the "Z" by doing an end face and setting the "Z" to "0.0000"

    Hope this gets you started a bit...
    Be careful...Movements by the axis are powerful and you will have no feel so you can damage things before you know it...watch how things are moving....

    Cheers Ross

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    Drilling canned cycle

    I'm trying to write a drill canned cycle for a Romi ge fanuc 21i-t and I can seem to get it to work. If someone could give me an example of one I would appreciate it. Thanks

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    The attached description (from a book) is for 0i.
    Should be similar on your control.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PRINGLE View Post
    I'm trying to write a drill canned cycle for a Romi ge fanuc 21i-t and I can seem to get it to work. If someone could give me an example of one I would appreciate it. Thanks
    Post your code here on this thread.

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    Re: Romi M17, Fanuc 21i How to do simple things

    First of, THANK YOU! AlfaGTA your response got me started with my M17.

    My questions are:
    1. Is there a trainging workbook or videos that compliment the S17440A “Manual Guidance” manual? I’m really struggling to absorb the material. and I’d really like to get proficient with the conversational, as I do mostly one-off parts. unless it really is easier to just learn G-Code?
    2. How do you copy a program for modification? The S01337D “Operation Instructions” elude to it but don’t really give you a step by step and my Fanuc speak is infantile… My machine came with a mind full of previous owner programs that I would like to canibalize…
    3. Is there a Fanuc manual specific to this machine/control that I should acquire?

    THANKS in advance!

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