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    rotary advanced PLEASE HELP

    Hello to all , I am tring to machine this part using a 4th axis . I have been able to come up with a basic tool path using the axis sub. but I need to do a little bit more ot the part that axis sub is not made for or I cant get it to do what I am wanting it to do .. anyway I have attached a mastercam 2018 part file that i am trying to machine I need to cut the material ni between the ribs without cutting into the wall on the right end of the part . I have to use a 1/4" carbide endmill because the drawing calls for a 1/8" corner radius in the corners on the right newd of the part . I have played around with rotary advanced but I dont know what it is asking for in each box . If someone could expaln what the steps are and what each box is asking for would really help :drowning:

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    Re: rotary advanced PLEASE HELP

    Try this.

    The rotary diameter is the diameter of your part.
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