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    Rotary axis I/O

    Hello all,

    I fortunately acquired a Troyke DL-12-B with a Kollmorgen Goldline XT motor in it this summer.
    Have spent a few evenings refurbishing it. Rust removal, paint and rewiring (the cables were cut).

    I have followed the schemes for the machine and the inputs seem to work okay;

    Input Name
    43 PR_A_CLMP
    44 PR_A_UNCL
    45 LS_A_TPA

    However i get an error when powering the machine up "6 second time-out", and the remedy is this;

    In ProgramWare I/O-display, I can see that the input 48 CR_A_READY is off and the output 18 CR_A_ENBL is off, and 19 SL_A_UNCL is off and does not correspond to changes on inputs 43/44.

    One other observation is that the servo drive (BDS4) is throwing an overspeed alarm - could this be what is prohibiting 'CR_A_READY' perhaps...

    Any directions or cheering along the way is appreciated

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    Re: Rotary axis I/O

    To share some light over the wiring done;
    Since the BDS4 'overspeed' state is caused by... overspeed, OR intermittent/wrong wiring, there might be that my wiring is shoddy or wrong.

    This is the encoder;

    And this is my scheme;

    I've connected as follows;

    Encoder - Terminal R52 (in machine)

    Output A to A (Sin Hi)
    Output A' to B (Sin Lo)
    Output B' to C (Cos Lo)
    Output B to D (Cos Hi)
    Index Z' to E (Ref Lo)
    Index Z to F (Ref Hi)
    Shield to Shield

    Not sure if this makes sense.

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