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    rotary axis install issues

    Okay so I just installed my Rotary axis on my DIY CNC and because I used NEMA 34 motor on the other 3 axis I did the same for this axis, so after getting it hooked up I went into mach3 copies my profile and made a new one. I don't know much about mach3, I have been using it for about 3 years now and much of what I have learned it has come from this site, so I am going to try my luck again. As I said I have a fresh profile for this axis and made the changes in what I believe are necessary, I get nothing on the DRO and the motor is not working, it is the same motor and driver as the rest of the system The Breakout board is from CNC4PC and it is a C10 I am using pin 14 and 16 also checked to be sure they were right in the " config _ ports and pins , I watched several video's on this and all look to be about the same, Now after doing all
    of the necessary adjustments on mach3 I don't even get the DRO to move? what can I do or check , what have I done wrong,

    Now the weird part... if I go into the setting tab and test the B axis the motor turns as it is supposed to, but still not showing on the DRO and if I try to use it under the program tab I get nothing so my guess is the wiring might be right,

    any help?


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    Re: rotary axis install issues

    It sounds like you've got the B axis and A axis mixed up. It could be in the wiring, or in the software setup. Is A enabled and defined in degrees? Or is B?
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: rotary axis install issues

    A Axis is enabled and it is used for a slave to the Y axis so no it is not in degrees, however the B is also enabled but I'm not so sure it is in degrees because I don't remember if I did anything to make that happen? I will check that out, thanks. I guess I was a bit over confident in myself...

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