If you see my last post on this issue things have not changed and I have looked ever where for some info and nothing is out there, I read the install manual for mach3 and found nothing that is any different then all the how to videos . I have a new power supply and a new NEMA 34 motor I bought a new C10 BoB in June 2020 I have used the number 14 and 16 pins on the BoB for step/direction and did all the settings in mach3 but I must be missing something that has not been talked about. I can not even get the DRO to register any movement. On all the videos I see the DRO number 4 on the bottom of the Program Run page will not move ever? Here is the part that really gets me... If I go to the settings tab and run a test on the a drive and ask it to move 360 degrees it dose? over and over it moves. Now on the MDI page it even goes in both directions? Is there some place that I need to activate that Axis? I did everything that was described on all videos and the manual.
Another thing is when I press the tab key and get into MPG MODE there is no action, X Axis and Z Axis work but not A Axis.
Anything I haven't tried, please tell me so I can get on with it.