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    Rotary table setup questions

    Hello all,

    First post. A little about me, I have been a programmer and machinist for 3 years (machining 6). I have a pretty good grasp on Mastercam and our machines that we are using here (mostly Okuma). We machine parts for all industries and even though it's a rather large subsidiary of a big company, it has more of a job shop type feel with 1~10pc runs. Recently we got a Tsudakoma TWA-160 Rotary table for our M560.

    Herein lies my problem.

    I have it mounted on the right side of the table so that the trunnion rotates towards -X. So C90 would be with the face of the table pointed towards the left of the machine. I want to know how I could pick up the "Center of rotation" on this unit. I have used other trunnions in the past but they have been the style that will allow C90 and a C-90 but the trunnion that we have has a travel of +110 -30. We have some parts to machine that are primarily positional. We have a Lang Subplate and a Lang Low profile 3 jaw as our workholding, but picking up the Z position has me a little stumped.

    If you have any information or could point me in the right direction, I'd truly appreciate it.

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    Re: Rotary table setup questions

    hy, pls share a photo with your triunion

    i will show you what to measure, but i need to see it

    our machines that we are using here (mostly Okuma)
    by the way, there is a nice okuma forum here : https://www.cnczone.com/forums/okuma/

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