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    Rottler F-65 software needed

    I am trying to bring a Rottler F-65 back from the dead. Hard drive went south and backups on floppy (LOL) are bad also. Anyone know where I can get a image of a working hard drive or the install software?

    I am assuming "Rottler", "Flexcam" and "Shutdown" are the sets of disks needed but I am not sure. If its just those 3 sets, I have been able to recover all but 1 disk. Shutdown disk #6.

    Anyone know of where I can get this stuff? Rottler apparently has nothing but will sell me upgraded electronics.

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    Re: Rottler F-65 software needed

    ...what is the exact HDD Model# do you have? maybe possible to fix it or at leased recover an image or files from it.

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