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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Turning Machines > Router guy needs a lathe. Recommend please.
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    Router guy needs a lathe. Recommend please.

    Hey folks, I'm finally putting my resto-mod router to good use. I have a customer that is flooding me with RFQs, and I'm passing up a lot of good work because I don't have a lathe. I'll admit I have very little experience with a lathe, but the parts are generally plastic, simple and small. I don't need a big lathe, just one that I won't regret buying. Any recommendations on what to look for?

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    Re: Router guy needs a lathe. Recommend please.

    To clarify; are you looking for a CNC lathe, a plane old metal turning lathe to be converted to CNC or a really plane Jane wood lathe?

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    Re: Router guy needs a lathe. Recommend please.

    A plain old metal turning lathe would be fine, a CNC lathe would be great. Sorry if this isn't a CNC specific question. I don't have time right now to take on a CNC conversion, but if the machine was easy to convert that would be a plus.

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