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    Exclamation Rover15 - Can't Find Home!

    Hello All,

    Hoping the Biesse wizards can chime in here. I have a 2000 Rover15 (Little guy!). I've been using the machine fine for two years and now today it decides not to auto-reset. The machine turns on, registers the three axis, then as soon as I turn on the vac pump, and go to turn the machine on. All the axis clear to 0.00 and it doesn't register them anymore. I've tried moving the machine manually to get it to zero back but still nothing. I've shut breakers off and let it sit, checked air pressure and anything else I can think of. It did this a few days ago but after shutting it on and off twice, the machine then worked fine. But now its been off and on quite a few times today and no luck.

    Thanks all!

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    Re: Rover15 - Can't Find Home!

    Try doing the home without turning on the vacuum pump. If it works without vacuum pump you have a noise issue.

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    Re: Rover15 - Can't Find Home!

    Thank you for your response! The vac pump is automatically turned on anytime the machine moves. To either manually jog in one axis, or auto-reset homing function. The green button initiates the servo drives, and also initiates the vac pump at the same time.

    Heres a video of my issue:


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