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    Jan 2021

    RS-232 cable for M2521 Milticam 3000

    Hi, in our M2521 TCP port failed. I have to use Com-port RS-232.

    I have drawn up a connection scheme and manufactured the cable.

    But Multicam 3000 does not connect to PC.
    ?an you give a scheme of the cable and settings RS-232 for PC?

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    Re: RS-232 cable for M2521 Milticam 3000

    Not sure about the MC 3000 but the older MC's that used a Serial cable for connection to the computer, and used WinDNC (Win98) or MX32 to transfer files. If i'm not mistaken a DB-9 Null Modem cable is needed..

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    Jan 2021

    Re: RS-232 cable for M2521 Milticam 3000

    The problem is solved. I added CTS wire in the cable to the eight pin. I used 'Motion Connection' and 'Job Server' programs.

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