Asking for some help on the following

Purchased Baileigh PT 44 from a college trades program. This 2011 machine does not appear to have been ever used. Table is mint as is the Thermodynamics professional 60. Here is the issue. With the controller I can home the machine and zero axis. I plug in a 32mb, 6mb, 1.4mb, and .6mb memory stick formatted Fat 32 and I can not see the programs or other files (.nc files) on the memory stick. The memory sticks with LEDs do not light up either when installed into the controller (RZNC 0501 controller).

I do not have any software with drivers for the controller (I do have manuals) and I suspect there may be some needed drivers for the controller. Does anyone have access to the driver and does it make sense that I need to install some. Is there an internal switch in the controller that activates using a flash drive. Any suggestions are appreciated. On the controller I do see all of the menus. When I plug the controller into my laptop a message says "USB device malfunctioned and windows does not recognize device".

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Is there is a suggestion for a quality upgrade/conversion board that is good for plasma tables? (acorn, etc). Machine has 4 stepper motors, 1 for x, 2 for y and 1 for z.
Thank you