I have been having problems on my recent installed DM-2 where by it's alarming out on Alarm 937 Input Line Power Fault.

It happens when either my scroll air compressor turns on, or when it does a tool change.

My voltage at the taps is running right in the range of 237 to 240v
I am hooked up to the taps labeled 243v - 227v

When the tool change happens it drops down to 232v to 234v range ( however on rare occurrences I have seen it drop all the way to 190v for a split second )

When my air compressor turns on it drops down to the 235v to 236v range

My current settings are:

Parameter 730: PWR FAULT THRESHOLD: 555
Parameter 731: PWR FAULT MAX TIME: 3

My other machine which is a super mini mill has not faulted out in the past 4 years, so I took a look at the 730 and 731 settings and they were both set at "0"

Recently I installed a second phase perfect phase converter so I put the DM-2 on that by inself, and that has really helped, but I still run into the alarm 937 once in a while.

Just wondering if there might be a happy medium setting that would help prevent these alarms yet still have some safety built in....

The other option would be to change them to the "0" to match whats on the mini mill.

Thoughts or suggestions..