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    Sanity check shopbot cnc router

    Shopbot sanity check please?

    Is this used old old shopbot worth buying? I believe it is a really old prs alpha. I will be posting on the shopbot forum as well.

    Anyone know how easy a controls update is if the software it has is that unusable? Is it too old to be worthwhile even if it’s really cheap?

    Thanks all
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    Re: Sanity check shopbot cnc router

    It sort of depends on what your ambitions are.Unless the machine is worn out and in need of a complete rebuild you ought to be able to produce something with it.With wear and backlash you might not get parts that are as perfect as you might like but they might still be perfectly good enough for a lot of uses and you will produce them more consistently and more quickly than cutting them out with traditional tools.Do you have experience of creating toolpath files or are you starting from scratch?

    If the machine comes with a computer that has been calibrated correctly to run the control software,you could be up and running quite quickly.Without such a leg up you have a few more hurdles to clear in terms of connecting a computer and calibrating it with the control software of your choice or that which users of similar machines might recommend.

    Do you want to make parts or rebuild and improve a machine?There are some projects on this forum which have been running for years with no sign of any parts being made and this implies that tinkering with machines can be an end in itself.Others seem able to locate a machine and after a bit of servicing and checking for wear,get to cutting stuff.With the sheer number of ShopBots out there and working advice ought to be available.

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    Re: Sanity check shopbot cnc router

    How old? How cheap? Shopbot tools are a cut above the usual aluminum-extrusion routers one generally sees, and they have a large user base. For more specific advice, you might check the forum on the Shopbot site. https://www.talkshopbot.com/forum/forum.php
    Andrew Werby

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