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    Saving Files in VCarve Pro 10

    Vcarve, should a file saved come out as a crv or txt file? When,I save a file it come out with one of these (2)two different files extension. When I try and reload the txt file, vcarve will not reopen this file. When, I make changes they do not show up on my txt file. I tried changing the txt file to crv but it will not give me that option.

    What am I doing wrong with the save?

    My machine is a Stepcraft D840 with ATC.

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    Re: Saving Files in VCarve Pro 10

    I wouldn't expect a file saved in .txt format to be read by any CAM program.I have successfully loaded .txt files containing Gcode on a couple of controllers.I hope it isn't seen as too basic a question but are you using the Save optiion from the File drop down menu?Are you perhaps confusing the Vcarve file with the post processed Gcode file?This used to be located on the toolpath side of the screenset and looked like a floppy disk and you needed to select the correct post processor from a long list.I am trying to remember whether one of the post processors might have saved the file in .txt format.I haven't seen or used Vcarve Pro 10 but have a bit of familiarity with an earlier version.

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    Re: Saving Files in VCarve Pro 10

    Your drawing file is saved as a ".crv" file...your machine g-code file is saved as a ".txt" file or some other extension depending on your machine and post processor.
    When you close the program or click file "save" or "save as" after you are through drawing, your are creating the ".crv" file and has nothing to do with machine operation.
    After you generate your tool path/s, the icon at the bottom right of the toolpath window that looks like a diskette, will open the window to generate and save your g-code file (make sure you have the correct post processor selected)...in my case, I save it to my desk top, then transfer it to a flash drive to run my CNC as a ".txt" file.

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