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    Saving G54 without leaving the programm


    I've been using Mach3 for more then 10 years now and I've allways wonderd if it is possible to save the G54 (0-point) without leaving the programm.
    Sometimes, if I'm running big files, the programm tends to crash because of an overload of the smoothstepper when I stop before the end of the programm. This can be a big problem.
    If you leave the programm, you get the question if you want to save the settings, but I've never found this option while running the programm.
    Does it exist?

    Thanks in advance, Bas

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    Re: Saving G54 without leaving the programm

    Isn't already saved as G54?

    The dialog on shut down only preserves it for next startup. If you aren't closing the program it's still there. Just reference the machine, then hit X0Y0Z0 and it should go right to wherever you set G54.

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    Re: Saving G54 without leaving the programm

    I think he's referring to saving it in case Mach crashes.
    Sorry, I don't have an answer.

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    Go to the offsets page and click "save offsets".

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