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    SCM TECH 100 SUPER - Need a post processor


    I have a old SCM Tech 100 Super
    with a ESA Kletra 10500 controller.

    I need to find a way to post process
    from text (xxl files) into a correct PGM version that works with this Kletra 10500
    because xilog / winxiso and other converters that i could find are not generating the correct PGM for this controller.

    PGM from the controller --> XXL works ok
    same XXL --> PGM does not work on the machine

    Can anyone help me?


    Thank you

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    Re: SCM TECH 100 SUPER - Need a post processor


    Please ?

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    Re: SCM TECH 100 SUPER - Need a post processor

    I may be a bit late on answering your question but just in case you are still looking for that perfect software I have used ASPAN on that controler and it was set up perfect to import DXF files from aotocad then convert into programable language. It is still the most affective and fastest system to date if done correctly. I am starting to teach people a system I developed with this for 25 years. I even concideredered starting a youtube chanel to put this info out for the world to learn. Just to give an idea on how fast this is if done right. I used to ouperform a 200 men shop with 12 guys. I had an SCM tech super, a Holzma 12 ft beam saw and an edge bander set up in an order that allowed me to control the flow from my machine center. ASPAN is the program yolu are looking for. You should be able to save cost ifc you still have the old parallel port key your machine came with with the name Task on it.

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    Re: SCM TECH 100 SUPER - Need a post processor

    HI, I found the solution for converting xxl to pgm,
    IF you are still interested in, you can contact me.

    I need only your xxl file, try compilation(there is more compilation types. )


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