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    screen editing and associated VB scripts

    Hi folks,
    I would like to be able to move the X,Y and Z axis by 0.5mm increments both +and -,
    using new buttons on my screenset which either have a counter on them or adjacent to keep track of the number of increments made,
    these movements would be independent of any cutter program,so I could pause program and move independently using new buttons and then continue,
    any thoughts on this much appreciated,

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    Re: screen editing and associated VB scripts

    I made such buttons for the Z axis. They simply increment or decrement the work coordinates:

    ; this button lowers the Z axis by 0.01mm
    Dim ZChange
    Call SetDRO(2,GetOEMDRO(180)+ZChange)
    I never thought about tracking the changes though, so I am going to shamelessly borrow your idea. :-)

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