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  1. Re: Servo is randomly changing direction

    Thanks for the replies to my misquote. It is a stepper motor.
    And the whole cable was bad, which is why I couldn't find it.
    ger21, thanks for making the light bulb go off, that was about the only...
  2. Servo is randomly changing direction

    I'm just setting this up. Everything seemed to be working fine. Until it wasn't.
    When I jog either up or down, I don't know which direction the motor is going to turn.
    This is a Nema 34 with 8...
  3. Ummm...... I don’t want to come off as a jerk...

    Ummm...... I don’t want to come off as a jerk here, but I just looked those up. They are precision ground. A good precision ground ball screw costs about 10 times more than a rolled one.
  4. Re: What did you do (or wil you do in the future) for ballnuts?

    I have never seen a C5 rolled ball screw. The only C5 I have ever seen was ground. Who is selling a C5 rolled ball screw? The C6 I use has a pitch tolerance of +/-.0012 over 12". Is this the one you...
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    Re: CNC router build

    Generally, the only reason a larger tool will last longer than a smaller tool is not enough RPM. In most cases, max spindle speed is just not enough to truly run a small diameter too fast enough....
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    Re: Sieg X2 conversion about dead?

    I would start checking for cracks in the casting. I’ve seen it before. You can get hairline cracks that are really hard to notice.
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    Re: Tool Holder choices. ER32?

    I have a Sharp 2412 that I've had for 6 years. I'm not sure why you wouldn't want to buy ER32 collets because of the size. They aren't that big when it comes to a mill. They are more versatile for...
  8. Re: Harbor Freight Mill...looking for info to do cnc conversion

    We sell conversion kits at heavymetalcnc.com. They are direct drive, and they come with everything included.
  9. Re: Mazak Super Turbo communicating to windows 7 PC

    How are you linked to the machine right now? Most older machines use RS232.
  10. Re: Power Mate- Model D Memory Card Problem(CRT MODEL)

    I'll try this from memory, and hope it's the same control I'm thinking of.
    After you put the memory card in the slot, push the program button.
    That should bring up card on a soft key.
    hit the soft...
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    Re: About Sieg SX2.7

    We've got the new kit finished. It looks great. Ignore the wrinkled sheet. It's up for sale on our website. HEAVY METAL – CNC Conversion Kits for Table Top Mills
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    SX2.7 CNC Conversion Kit

    We have finally got the kit finished for the SX2.7/Little Machine Shop #5500.

    Go to our website @ HEAVY METAL – CNC Conversion Kits for Table Top Mills...
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    Re: About Sieg SX2.7

    No electronics, but everything else.
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    Re: About Sieg SX2.7

    We just finished making a new kit for the SX2.7.
    We will have it up for sale on our web site Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

    Hameavy Metal
    HEAVY METAL – CNC Conversion Kits for Table Top...
  15. Re: Sources of aluminum in north California

    I know you said no online stores, but online metals has whatever you are looking for at whatever length you want. Starting at 12" lengths. The aluminum prices are very reasonable.
  16. Re: Can these mini mills really withstand the abuse of stainless steel?

    I did some research on trying to buy a table top machine without the lead screws, handles, and everything else you will not be using.
    I got completely shut down. The short answer is, they would...
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    Re: Hss vs solid carbide

    I will second the Alu-power end mills. They work great, at a great price.
    You will be looking for high helix high positive cutting edge with only 2-3 flutes.
    They polish the carbide to keep the...
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    Re: TNC530 G200 cycle problem

    I've never put much trust in simulators.
    I've always believed you won't truly know what is going to happen until you go out to the machine and run it.
    Of course that just may be me.
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    Re: TNC530 G200 cycle problem

    On the last line you have, I use "X-136.5 Y-38.5 FMAX M99

    I also don't understand the asterisk on the +0 for the dwell.
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    Re: About Sieg SX2.7

    We have been working on designing a kit for the SX2.7.
    I am doing this with the LMS 5500.
    After tearing into it, I'm really liking the machine.
    After converting an X3, I think I like this...
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    Re: Importance of ball screw pitch size

    If you are milling a circle. The finer the resolution, the more round it will be. The courser the resolution, you will start to notice facets in place of roundness.
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    Re: 6061 Aluminum Milling Help

    Flood coolant is really ideal if you have it at least somewhat enclosed. Aluminum melts very quickly if not kept very cool.
    We run aluminum all the time, but I have an enclosed NC mill, and use...
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    Conversion kits for table top mills

    We are excited to start offering conversion kits for table top mills. We have two listings currently, for X2 and X3 machines.

    272993623501 This is the listing for the X2. Please come and see what...
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome thread-tell us about you.

    Good day everyone.
    I've been in the machining business for about 35 years. Started in aerospace in Wichita Kansas.
    I moved to Houston and started working in oilfield services. What can I say. It's...
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