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    Re: Aluminium Spheres

    PM sent
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    Re: RFQ - Machined Assemblies

    Why I can't see the attachments? I think we could make it.

  3. Re: Motorcycle upper and lower fork clamps 7075 T6

    Thanks, our colleague has replied to you. PM if you still have other questions.
  4. Re: Motorcycle upper and lower fork clamps 7075 T6


    Could you send the drawings? we can do it by CNC, 3D printing, vac casting, depending on the drawings and the material. Also, we are available in worldwide shipping.

    We focus on rapid...
  5. Lower the molding cost in low volume production

    From the experience of OEM manufacturing for over 10 years, the word “low volume production” is mentioned frequently. 100,000 pieces or fewer parts are called low volume production. We usually...
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    Motorcycle Helmet Mold by 5 axis

    In China, as the new traffic policy that electric scooter riders should wear helmet compulsorily, the price and demand for the helmet is rising rapidly. This new policy will take effect on June 1st....
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    Re: RFQ - Mild Steel Plates, milled.

    Message sent.

  8. Re: RFQ - Waterjet or Laser Mild Steel Plates, Qty 4

    Message sent.

  9. Re: CNC video - Embossing roller for face mask making machine

    Web: www.2fprototypes.com
    Contact: info@2fprototypes.com
    Please feel free to contact us if you are interested. Free and fast quote for you.
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    Re: RFQ for brass parts. 16ea +/- o pcs.

    We could do this if you consider the Chinese manufacturer. 2fprototypes focus on rapid prototype, mold, and OEM manufacturing & engineering for 12 years.
    web: www.2fprototypes.com
  11. CNC video - Embossing roller for face mask making machine

    Video link:

    The embossing roller is the key component on the n95 face mask machine. It is mainly used for welding and cutting the mask edge. The roller requires high...
  12. Re: CNC Subcontracting in Ukraine or Bulgaria

    Hi Olivier,

    If you consider Chinese manufacturer as an alternative choice, here 2fprototypes can make your requested service. We are a manufacturer for rapid prototyping, mold, and OEM...
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    Re: CNC Milling

    Dear Jakamus,

    We can do the metal parts and plastic parts by CNC, injection molding, 3D printing, and Vac casting. Has sent you the contact request and message. Please reply with the drawings.
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    OEM Manufacturer for CNC Machining

    Established in 2008, Flourish Forever Technology Co., Ltd, which is called 2fprototypes for short, is an experienced manufacturer for rapid prototypes, mold, and OEM manufacturing&engineering in...
  15. How do you think the manufacturing shifting out of China and benefit to American CN

    CNC processing is a basic manufacturing method in the modern industry. Many industrial sectors require the CNC to process the components or produce products. At present the biggest issue for the US...
  16. What do we focus on 3D Printing Performance?

    As for the most important technical performance of 3D Printer, I personally think it is the printing precision/printing speed/materials scope/resolution ratio/color sorts. So compare your 3D Printing...
  17. The 4 time period during Plastic Injection

    In the Plastic Injection Process there are 4 places consuming time. The first place is the materials melting which takes some time. The second place is the injection process which takes some time....
  18. [Newbie Discussion] Details for the prototype confirmation

    A prototyping product is vital to verify the design and can test product function before mass production. For some companies, they are lack of CNC machine or large 3d printing machine and only to...
  19. What is the most difficult thing for CNC Maching

    The parts with biggest size and smallest size are most difficult to be processed by CNC Machine. The parts with biggest tolerance scope is most difficult to be processed by CNC machine. The parts...
  20. Which material is the best for injection mold tooling?

    As we know, choosing a suitable material for injection mold tooling is important for the overall production, including mold service life, economy, etc.

    My company usually choose steel to make the...
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