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  1. To Build or Buy (a small CNC router for precision cutting of wood clock gears) Help!

    I have just spent 2 days researching small CNC routers for cutting wooden gears (from plywood or hardwood) and am more confused at the end than when I started. Chinese machines are cheap but seem...
  2. Cutting Wodden Clock Gears with a Small CNC Router?

    Has anyone out there successfully used a CNC router to cut wooden clock gears (from plywood or hardwood or possibly even plexiglass)? Any recommendations as to a suitable machine? It doesn't need...
  3. Further Info on my CNC Woes .......

    :confused:Thanks, Alex, for your reply. I am using a HobbyCNC 3-Axis Pro stepper motor driver kit, intending to drive two stepper motors (to control x and y camera movement) and a solenoid (to take...
  4. Control camera movement with stepper motors

    Is there anyone out there who can offer some help to a total beginner in this field?

    I have built an apparatus to move a digital camera to any position on a 1.5m x 1.0 m plane. The mechanics work...
  5. Allegro 5804 IC stepper motor translator/driver chips wanted

    I require about four Allegro 5804 IC stepper motor translator/driver chips - I know they have been discontinued for some time, but I believe that stocks are still available.

    Need them shipped to...
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