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  1. Poll: Steppers still missing

    The machine is almost completed, but not my search for 2 identical steppers. (I want them cheap). The X and Y axe are stiff, almost no side movements. Pay attention when driwing the screw in...
  2. Poll: Hi! Here are more pictures, about the machine....

    Here are more pictures, about the machine. You can make the same lead nut in derline
    just drill a hole smaller than the nut, then heat it on oven, and push it with players. Make sure it is...
  3. Poll: Hobbiest! On my bill from big box store is...

    On my bill from big box store is written "strap tie", which you can see on part pictures, but on the assambled cnc is used a different "sloted palte" was written on it
    find in area with...
  4. Poll: Accurate, quick and inexpensine DIY minimill

    Hi Everyone!
    I had recently a few ideas wearing my philosopher hat, so I decided to share my small discovery from bigbox store. I realise that the alignement is
    the most troublesome building a...
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    Hi ! Here I expressed my critical views, looking...

    Hi !
    Here I expressed my critical views, looking at big picture. My attentions are noble, I always support the thrut and the facts. If anyone recognised himself in may texts, I
    ask for deep...
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    Philosopher fights back

    Hi everyone!
    I just wanto reply to Chuck, but I got restricted, so lather I'll reply with email. Second thing is about this thread, the competition is hanging around.
    The poor students may not know...
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    Business philoshophy from Philosopher

    Someone said more than 2000 years ago, "Ars longa, vita bravis"
    Ask for the meaning, because I'm sure you don't know it. It is tought
    only at the best Universityes in the world. They have...
  8. Sticky: PIC Open source Servo Driver Schematics development?

    Hi Everyone!
    I like this forum, it gives great advices about building machines, specially the meckanical part. What we need here is a good DIY servo driver. Of course open source schematics. The...
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