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    Re: Run Time Estimation

    I have used facilities in two other programs that were intended for estimating runtimes.Both were inaccurate,one took no account of the acceleration and deceleration times for each move and assumed...
  2. Re: Drilling Holes Through Copper with Extreme Accuracy

    Really precise drilling is hard to achieve with ordinary workshop tools.Would it be feasible to use a boring bar with all the segments assembled and remove the last smidgen in a couple of careful...
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    Re: "Pull out" when machining baltic birch

    Part of it is the nature of wood as most types will have slightly fuzzy edges when cutting across the grain.When you are dealing with material as thin as 1/4" you don't really have the option of...
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    Re: Which is X, and which is Y

    Entirely your decision and all you have to do now is create your CAD files to suit the arrangement.
  5. Re: Mach3 not moving as commanded by Vectric Aspire...

    Could be flexing of the machine,have you tried cutting two identical shapes-one climb cut and one conventional to see what differences emerge?It might also be illuminating to actually measure the...
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    Re: CNC cutting machine

    Sailmakers use lasers for their cutting.
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    Re: 4x8 (plus a bit) heavy duty router build

    It seems weird to have such a superbly braced and triangulated base and such a tall,skinny gantry with little support.As it has been described as a work in progress,the same amount of attention ought...
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    Re: drawing a rectangle in cut2desktop

    What tool diameter did you specify?I don't now the machine or the software but if the possibility is there for the computer or the controller to select the correct tool compensation,was the correct...
  9. Re: How long does it take to learn to feed G-code through a machine?

    Looking at it another way,you are most unlikely to ever need to program by typing Gcode into a controller.It is useful to know what a few commands mean and really you could print out a "cheat sheet"...
  10. Re: VCarve Pro freezes up in 3D view toolpath playback

    The OP hasn't been back here for several weeks so should we conclude that he found a way to make it work?
  11. Re: Still soft surface cast after half a year of standing idle

    If it hasn't cured by now,its a lost cause.However much time and effort,not to mention cash that you have put into it can be written off.Better luck next time.
  12. Re: New to Linux, built a computer, need help with Linux please, installation of Linu

    For playing any kind of media you will find it hard to beat VLC media player-which should be in just about all Linux software repositories.
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    Re: Spoilboard Basics

    I'm a bit puzzled by this,why does the cut take so long and yet accuracy isn't paramount?Tiny cutters for fine detail perhaps?I think you need to get the vacuum system working to better judge what...
  14. Re: Tramming inconsistencies at each end in both x & y directions

    So now we know the plan size of the spoilboard.how about the thickness?I think there are two separate issues with this machine;first securing a suitable spoilboard and second tramming the machine.You...
  15. Re: Tramming inconsistencies at each end in both x & y directions

    That is a very,very deep spoilboard cut.I would suggest trying about a third of that cut depth.I would be shocked if the Z axis was rising during the cut and the Gcode will probably remain...
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    Re: Spoilboard Basics

    I suppose the thickness of the MDF would have considerable influence on the appropriate spacing of any screws.I've used 12mm,18mm and 25mm on different machines with only the 25mm used without vacuum...
  17. Re: Tramming inconsistencies at each end in both x & y directions

    My initial guess is movement of some kind in the mechanism as the Z axis traverses.I had a similar situation with a poorly assembled machine that did it along the table.May we see an image of the...
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    Re: Blue Elephant CNC router review

    Since the beginning of the pandemic it seems that shipping costs have changed on almost a daily basis.Which menas that information obtained more than a couple of weeks ago is likely to be out of...
  19. Re: New to Linux, built a computer, need help with Linux please, installation of Linu

    Could I suggest that you try running LinuxCNC as a live install for a few learning sessions?This means that you won't be dealing with issues of hard drive partitioning or formatting and still get to...
  20. Re: Another DIY CNC Machine Project… - Looking for some advice

    By way of an analogy;if we see a metal framed building erected,it is easy to see how the designers build in resistance to deflection under lateral loads.They don't add a second upright girder,bolted...
  21. Re: Vacuum Hold down - stronger than dust collection?

    The geometry of compression cutters is such that the dust is forced to the middle of the board and compacted.You found this out.In addition,the suction that holds the board down is a lot more...
  22. Re: Another DIY CNC Machine Project… - Looking for some advice

    That web is not worth the effort.It contributes very little to maintaining the shape of the gantry with the loads applied by a transverse cutting move.I felt a need to be blunt because the message...
  23. Re: Another DIY CNC Machine Project… - Looking for some advice

    Have you modelled the webs on the side of the gantry yet?
  24. Replies

    Re: Rye MG2400 Twin Head CNC 8ft by 4ft

    I know a man less than 25 miles from the OP who has the rails and the ability to repair the machine.The more relevant question may be"who wants a machine made by a company that went out of business...
  25. Re: Another DIY CNC Machine Project… - Looking for some advice

    One further suggestion,you ought to go through the mental exercise of actually picking up each part and assembling the machine.How will you thread the cables,can you reach any nuts inside box...
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    Re: Machine Moved, Gantry Repositioned


    Once powered up and running cut out a square of a decent size and measure the diagonals to verify that the alignment hasn't been disturbed.The bigger the square,the easier it will be to find...
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    Re: Vacuum Hold Down Problems

    As I posted earlier,you might begin by applying a coat of shellac or varnish to the edges of your spoilboard to limit the leakage there.Depending on the anatomy of your machine it might be feasible...
  28. Re: Another DIY CNC Machine Project… - Looking for some advice

    I suggest you calculate the force applied by those steppers on your leadscrews.Then visualise the likely effect on the position of the gantry beam.After which you may decide to add some triangulation...
  29. Re: Reasonably Rigid Router (RRR) - a cautionary tale (likely) in the making.

    The obvious solution to the deflection would seem to be extending the base sections outward by an amount and adding webs to triangulate the location of the rails.A rugged job on one side might be...
  30. Re: Serious step loss while milling : cannot find the problem

    Is the router a known brand machine or a homebrew?It makes finding a solution a lot easier if there are others out there as the problem may not be a unique situation.A home made machine presents...
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