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  1. Re: hello I'm in deep need for help for my desgin

    I would offer that it is possible to weld sub assemblies. You just need to take it easy and not overdo it. Too much welding will twist the components. Having a flat welding table helps.

  2. Re: hello I'm in deep need for help for my desgin

    Belts or specifically the steppers won’t be strong enough to drive a machine that big. Acme lead screws or ball screws are much better but at some length will wip during rapids, unless the diameter...
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    Re: Have a cnc controller without PWM

    I’m confused how this card would control a laser? It’s for spindle speed control.

    This card lets you control your spindle with PWM and direction signals, as if it was an axis motor. It...
  4. Re: Would like to get thought on CNC machine design

    That appears to be the way to go Peter. The slide base can’t get in the way. Great Z travel. I like it.

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  5. Re: Would like to get thought on CNC machine design

    I think this is the difficult part of the design. I have a second machine that has 4 inches of clearance to the Z base (using a 2”spoil board/fixture) the pad of the axis (that goes up and down) is...
  6. Re: Would like to get thought on CNC machine design

    Your model shows plenty of +Z axis travel but will it go low enough?

    I would recommend adding the base plus spoil board to your model. Then make sure the spindle is accurate. No long cutter. ...
  7. Re: Would like to get thought on CNC machine design

    I just want to make a additional point about the base. You see all these machines for sale with little or no base. Is that a good design or just an easier way to ship the machine. Could you...
  8. Re: Would like to get thought on CNC machine design

    Many years ago I built a cnc router and used welded steel. Steel is pretty cheap compared to aluminum and the welder came in handy over the years.
    I built it attached to a bumper pool table. A...
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    Re: St-pmc1 single axis controller

    I used this unit on a project and it worked as long as you stay with simple tasks. Things got more complex and I converted the controller to Arduino, actually Teensy. Now it sits in a drawer.

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    Re: stepper motor jitters

    If it’s not mechanical or temperature or loose wiring then It must be components: motor drive or controller. You can move motors and drives around and see if the problem follows. Not sure how...
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    Re: stepper motor jitters

    Does the problem persist after you let everything cool down?
    If you can move everything around without issue when the power is off I would take a close look at the motor lead wires.

  12. Thread: smooth steeper

    by Dean448

    Re: smooth steeper

    I don’t understand why warp9 continues to sell that USB board when they don’t provide win10 and higher drivers. I liked the board but now it sits in a drawer.

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  13. Re: Trying to educate myself for DIY laser engraver build

    Keep in mind that if you only need it to engrave the outlines of shapes you don’t really need PWM.
    The answer depends on your skills, time to develop it, the CAM software you would like to use to...
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    Re: OMTECH 100 watt ghost lines??

    What type mirrors are you using? I had ghost lines like that on my new 90W tube just before I burnt a hole in and cracked the first mirror. I had gold over glass and converted to gold over SI. ...
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    Re: Using Milling Table For Z Axis?

    You may want to lay out your needs for a Z axis.
    How high is the lowest stationary part of the axis above the table. IE how tall of a workpiece do you need under the axis.
    How far should the...
  16. Re: Why no Z travel when cutting thicker material in multiple passes?

    I’m familiar with CO2 not diode but I assume they are similar. You always want to cut in one pass by adjusting air, speed at max power. Cut quality suffers when you cut twice as burning and...
  17. Re: Need advice mounting Z assembly/Dewalt 611

    I fabricated the Mount.
    The main part of the clamp is a pair of steel sheets wrapped around the body and tac welded....
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    Re: Looking for programmable stepper driver

    Check this out:


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    YouTube for laser troubleshooting

    I field a lot of laser questions and recently noticed that there are a decent amount of troubleshooting content on YouTube. I’d say for DIYers not professionals.
    Worth noting is a common question I...
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    Re: Looking for programmable stepper driver

    I don’t like Arduino Uno for driving stepper motors. Look at Teensy 3.2. There are stepper driver libraries for this micro that do an excellent job at any speed.
    I’m sure others will disagree or...
  21. Re: Easy way to determine whether it's the power supply or tube?

    Tubes go out more frequently then power supplies. If you burn thru paper just off the tube is the pattern perfectly round? Any cracks in the tube and does it glow bright pink?

    So here are...
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    Re: My next controller

    Just want to add that you can also check out pokeys57cnc. It’s been a very reliable board for me. USB or Ethernet and controls VFD spindles also up to 8 axis. I post out of vectric using Mach 2/3...
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    Re: add stepper motor

    Not sure what two longs means but I recommend you search images for: wire two steppers serially

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  24. Re: Laser choice + conneciton with the duet controller

    Your not going to get much for 350 euro (Sorry I don’t know where that symbol is on US keyboards) in a CO2 laser cutter.
    I wonder if you could get a small laser diode to engrave (vector) the...
  25. Re: Laser choice + conneciton with the duet controller

    Laser diode modules are mainly used for engraving letters, photos, cut paper and vinyl. I don’t have one but think they top out at 10 watts, but I’m sure anything is possible with $.
    For cutting...
  26. Re: Make my own Arduino-like microcontroller board

    It can be intimidating to look at where you need to go when starting from scratch. As long as you have the interest to learn you’ll get there. I’d start out by getting an Arduino kit with a bunch...
  27. Re: Slave proble...possible solution question...

    So I have a machine where two steppers are wired to one stepper drive but the steppers are connected to the ends of the same belt.
    In the case of a slaved Y axis you normally have two separate...
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    Re: Slave Problem....HELP!

    Mach4 is completely different. In the end it’s another license. Uccnc has software but it’s designed to work with their controllers. LinuxCNC is all open source but it requires a different...
  29. Re: Slave proble...possible solution question...

    You can run two steppers off one drive but why do you need to? Stepper drives are inexpensive.

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    Re: Slave Problem....HELP!

    If one Y motor jogs I would prove the other motor and wiring works by swapping connectors at the driver. Then try to get the A channel to work on The Y axis. Prove the path from controller to...
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