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  1. Hartrol-Fanuc AI 200 ja 18i, both are faulty.

    In our firm 2 CNCs ( both chassis PRO-1000A ) and both are faulty.
    1 pictures from both displays.
    In Ai200 there is also PC-Card reading problem. I have switch on every time when I put memorycard...
  2. Cincinnati 750 Arrow z-driver yellow led is lid

    Clamb active, Yellow, LED lights when the braking resistor is in use.
    Z-Motor is turning freely.
    Any idea what might be the reason ? Is there in Maxax 200 an other braking resistor wich is driven...
  3. MaxAx 200 Servo Drive died overheated, stucked blower

    Has anyone an idea what has to change because of overheating ?
    Anyhow electrolyt condensators has to change !
    What about the components on the heatsink ?
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