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    Re: New to me Tree Journeyman 425

    Nice Work :cheers:
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    Re: Hurco BMC20 Dynomotion Retrofit

    As far as disassembling a servo motor and losing magnetic strength in the rotor, I have heard the same thing, but I don't believe it. My suspicion is that someone really screwed up the job, probably...
  3. Re: Where can I buy some very thin 47mm OD shims for between 7204 bearings outer race

    McMaster has shims https://www.mcmaster.com/shims

    You may have to modify to fit, but that's easy. I just use one the right ID and turn the OD to fit on a stub arbor in the lathe.


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    Re: Bridgeport Series 1 CNC Retrofit.

    Nothing wrong with LinuxCNC if you are happy with it. And I think the Gecko DC drives would work fine for your DC motors. I have a similar sized machine and am running the original 140V DC servo...
  5. Re: Wanting better G-code to speed up cutting time.

    I had this conversation with my son a few minutes ago. He told me that there are G code optimizers available, but crazy $$$$$. You load the G code into the optimizer and out pops G code that...
  6. Re: Any "Industrial CNC" owners out there? Looking for some help as a "used" owner...

    If it's running Mach3, there is a Mach3 post in Fusion 360
  7. Re: US split phase 220V power supply question

    In N.A. the voltage is really 240V/120V or sometimes called 230V/115V, just depends on the label on the device. Many times your actual line voltage could be as high as 245V or so, it's all the same...
  8. Re: Ball screw support bearing questions. Are $420 bearings necessary on this machine

    Why not just add shims where needed and be done with the problem? That's what I did on my X axis, no new bearings. Got it to about 0.0002 as near as I can measure and pretty sure that's in the ball...
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    Re: Bridgeport Series 1 CNC Retrofit.

    It depends on what servo motors you have. Some can be run with an aftermarket drive, but most times it's better to have a servo motor and drive that are a matched set.
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    Re: Hurco BMC20 Dynomotion Retrofit

    Your Fanuc motor may be commutated by the main computer. It is a crazy system. I faced the same thing when I did the retrofit on my lathe. I finally gave up on the idea of trying to use the Fanuc...
  11. Re: Changing cad cam software what is everyone using?

    I have been using Fusion 360 for a few years now. Has done everything we need, and the price is right.
  12. Re: Haas VF2SS Power Requirement (Phase Perfect)

    The published Haas DM2 power FLA seems low (17 amps @ 220V) for a 15HP machine. I would expect it to be at least double the published specs.

    We're running a Haas TM-2p (7.5HP spindle) on single...
  13. Re: Intermac 33 CNC issue with material removal

    Or make sure the tool diameter is input correctly in the Icam program.
  14. Re: Constant issues with mach 4... alternatives?

    Centroid Acorn would be a good choice or Dynomotion Kflop. Are you running a Windows 7 computer? I have noticed some weirdness with mine, and I am not running Mach products.
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    Re: Private Messages

    Top right of the page, try Settings > General Settings
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    Re: Need some guidance please.

    Fusion 360 has some of what you need built in. I don't know how it all works because I don't use those features, but it's there.
  17. Re: My DIY CNC Slant Bed Lathe with Gang Tooling

    Awesome work. ! :cheers:
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    Re: Toggle coolant while peck drilling

    Why not just run the coolant through the full drill cycle? That's the way I do it.
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    Re: Milling a hole - and a hole creeps

    Try generating the same hole in a CAM program and see the result. That almost looks like a math error in the motion control calculations.
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    Re: Getting Started BUilding a CNC Machine

    First let's define the machine

    The following are only examples of machine type, not recommendations.

    This is a table top CNC Milling Machine, suitable for metal and can be used for wood and...
  21. Re: How do you guys, price your retrofit services ? What traps to avoid ?

    You're welcome.

    Galil = Swiss Army Knife of automation controllers. That is very good, I like that :)

    Designing and building machines for any purpose is what I do or rather used to do, I'm...
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    Re: Choosing CNC machine

    What is your budget and required work envelope? That will help us to offer useful advice.
  23. Re: How do you guys, price your retrofit services ? What traps to avoid ?

    The Galil UI software can be programmed in several languages, and yes, it uses API calls. C++, C#, and VB.net are quite common, Python and other languages less so. I use VB.net.

    The UI displays...
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    Re: Angle Iron Load capacity...

    My pleasure. You're welcome :)
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    Re: Angle Iron Load capacity...

    Either way will work. In either case you want the screws near the top.
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