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  1. Re: 3000 CNC will not cut completly through Duraplate

    Check the difference in height between the puck and the spoil board. You may need to do some calibration. Or just 0 off of the spoil board.
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    Re: Shaped sheet metal punch

    The only problem with plasma is the edge hardening. If you can work around that, then you should be fine. Water jet would be my first choice if available.

    That's odd, normally solid carbide...
  3. Re: Allen-Bradley On/Off box - suitable for entire system?

    No, not suitable at all for your proposed application. It would work on the control wiring of your VFD, but not the power input wiring.

    The switches are rated for ''pilot duty'' only, and can not...
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    Re: Looking for info

    Hardinge stocks an amazing amount of mechanical parts for older machines. So mechanical parts are most likely available. On a control failure, I would just replace the original controls with modern...
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    Re: Dowel hole reaming sizes, etc?

    I would use 0.2505 for easy removal. I would not expect the hole to get larger.

    If I have a base, many times I would use a 0.2500 for the base hole for a tight fit, then would use a 0.2505 in the...
  6. Re: CNC operative saying there are random circles on the drawing.

    Look for a setting that says something like Arc Center Mode. When that is set incorrectly or doesn't agree with the G code it can cause the circles that you are seeing.
  7. Re: Ball screws are a bit crunchy. :) What to do?

    Is the ''crunchy'' feel coming from the ball nut, the thrust bearing, or the motor? I guess I would lube things up a bit, disconnect the motor from the screw and test again.

    Some pictures would...
  8. Re: Kitamura Myturn 10 (Lathe) Fanuc O-T to Linux CNC

    When I replaced my O-T control, I replaced the servos with modern hardware (DMM Tech), and powered the spindle motor (6S, 7.5kW) with a VFD. I gave up trying to interface with the original Fanuc...
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    Re: Building Heavy duty CNC router

    For $10K I would pass, I would think about it at maybe $500 or so.
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    Re: traffic light to the cnc machine

    I have installed one on my lathe. Flashing Red = E-stop, or error. Green = Job running. Flashing Green = Job Complete
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    Re: Seeking keyboard recommendation

    Like you, my keyboard normally sits on an extension shelf bolted to the mill table. I buy only the finest $5 keyboards and toss them when they no longer are useful. I normally get a year or better...
  12. Re: Tuning OLD servo board, Allen Bradley Bandit 3, KFLOP/Kanalog retrofit

    That seems reasonable. I just adjusted mine so I couldn't detect any movement by eye. I think your method might be more accurate.

    With encoder feedback the controller is looking for some...
  13. Re: Bridgeport EZ Trak DX Motherboard Troubleshooting

    Maybe try reseating the CPU?
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    Re: machine handling

    Renting a forklift might be a good option. If it really only weighs 2500 lbs. then good pallet jack could be used to move it around, also available for rent. At 2500 lbs, I would want a minimum of...
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    Re: servo motors

    Yes, the Galil controller is very flexible and easy to use. It can output analog, step & direction, and PWM command signals. My preference when using them with modern AC servos is to set the drive...
  16. Re: I want to add a high speed 4th axis, Will a servo motor run at high speeds?


    Good question, it depends on the required torque for the operation

    Yes. That type of motor should produce near full torque from 0 to near max RPM.

    With the right controller it...
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    Re: Omax Waterjet startup

    That's awesome! Wish you were closer to me, could have given you some work a few days ago.
  18. Re: Yet another BT30 Design and Build Adventure.

    It really depends on your control system (''brain''). Today I don't think it makes a lot of difference if you close the loop at the controller (''brain'') or the drive. The old way of doing it was...
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    Re: Help to newbie choose right software

    Another vote for Fusion 360
  20. Re: Yaskawa UAASKA-06CA1 and Durapulse GS3 VFD

    Read the GS3 manual
  21. Re: Yaskawa UAASKA-06CA1 and Durapulse GS3 VFD

    The base speed for this motor is 1500 RPM. The minimum speed is about 10 RPM, effectively 0. This motor is virtually identical to my Fanuc.
  22. Re: Yaskawa UAASKA-06CA1 and Durapulse GS3 VFD

    On the GS3 the Max Hz is calculated from the Base Hz, Base RPM, and Max RPM. You don't set a Max Hz
  23. Re: Yaskawa UAASKA-06CA1 and Durapulse GS3 VFD

    First I would set Factory Defaults on the drive. P9.08 = 99

    Then this is the way I would set it up. This should get it turning.

    P0.00 = 200 Volts
    P0.01 = 39 Amps
    P0.02 = 50 Hz
    P0.03 = 1500...
  24. Re: Yaskawa UAASKA-06CA1 and Durapulse GS3 VFD

    I would use Sensorless Vector mode, gives you constant torque at low speed. Setting the base frequency at 50Hz is fine, set the voltage for 200V, set the amps per the motor nameplate. At 50 Hz I...
  25. Re: Yet another BT30 Design and Build Adventure.

    By definition all servos are closed loop, the loop can be closed at the drive or the controller.

    Every servo drive I have seen has an error (fault) output. Most have a settable encoder error...
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    Re: Milling 4130 I keep breaking Endmills

    Of course it's advertizing, and their tooling and possibly the machines are free to them.. But I was making a point. You can push a little harder and find the sweet spot for your application. The...
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    Re: Milling 4130 I keep breaking Endmills

    4130 will work harden also. It takes adjusting your mindset to start making some major chips.

    Maybe this will help :D Titans of CNC has a lot of videos about how to increase production.

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    Re: Milling 4130 I keep breaking Endmills

    Normally breakage like that is due to dull tools. 7 hours is not bad, but you might increase tool life by speeding things up a bit. You have plenty of machine there, why don't you try running at...
  29. Thread: fusion360

    by Jim Dawson

    Re: fusion360

    I just took a look at your last posted part. It seems that the heights need to be adjusted to get it to cut correctly. Note the Bottom Height, this could be done differently. I would normally...
  30. Thread: fusion360

    by Jim Dawson

    Re: fusion360

    Try selecting only the outside chain. Seems to work for me. Now why it doesn't work like before, I have no idea.
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