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    Manual parts copier

    I hope this make sense. I do not have a cad program. I was thinking about making a manual 3d object copier. It would use 2 swing arm desk lamps as the base. The arms would be attached together by...
  2. I am in norfolk

    I am newbie in norfolk.
  3. Something very different

    I read (I think) in wired magazine a while back that some bio-geek used a x-y-z setup similar to Jerry's idea. Those different wells were loaded with different types of living cells, similar to an...
  4. Thread: lego cnc mill

    by oracle99

    I am extremely new to cnc. From the research I...

    I am extremely new to cnc. From the research I have done on CNC machines, I though hey why not build a CNC out of legos. Being a poor college kid it would make sense with my limited resources. I...
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