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  1. Re: please, how to check alignment for small tool ...

    This method can be used with any tool that is capable of facing the stock. (so it will not work with threading tools, backturns, etc)

    Offset Y- on the tool you wish to center a little bit, like...
  2. Re: Choosing between Tsugami B0206 vs Citizen A20 3F7 vs Star SR20 type G. Help!

    I have used the Tsugami B0's and Citizen L20's, very similar to the A20.

    To me, Citizens are better to program. Their sync codes are easy to remember, phasing is easy, superimposition is easy,...
  3. Thread: CNC Crash

    by MCImes

    Re: CNC Crash

    Yes, first determine if you are coaxial to the main spindle by using the gage pin method hac mentions. If you are not coaxial you need to loosen the sub spindle mounting bolts and tap it back...
  4. Re: please, how to check alignment for small tool ...

    I think you're over thinking this. I have used boring bars down to .016" min bore with a .009" Ø neck. Other than sweeping the drill pocket to within like.0002" and triple checking the initial touch...
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    Re: Re-Chucking on Tornos EvoDeco 20

    Im trying to remember my brief stint programming Deco20's

    I think it went something like
    Park sub in front of main, feed bar out, clamp sub on part, sub remains parked.
    Open main collet...
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    Re: Now I have a question!

    F3500. is 3500mm per min?

    If so, depending on the modal feed rate prior to this tool, you may need to add G98 for feed per minute. (as opposed to G99 Feed per revolution)

    Typically I always add...
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    Re: How snug should the carbide collet be?

    The "Carbide collet" is called a Guide Bushing on Swiss machines.

    The tightness of the GB is a "magic feel" you will develop over time. Its dependent on:
    how consistent your stock is
  8. Re: Can't remember how to synchronize sub with main

    You'd definitely need to use a phased pickoff. Once you do a phased pickoff, you will have to play around with the R value until the threads line up on the sub.

    G114.1G114.1- SPINDLE SYNCHRONIZE....
  9. Re: Ideas on how to run high pressure coolant to live tooling

    I'm with jreynolds on this one. a loooong brake line plumbed near the tool tip is likely your best bet. I cant see many other ways to get coolant in line with the tool.
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    Re: G92 thread cycle

    Your code looks fine. Did the machine ever execute G92 successfully, or is this a recent problem?

    So the machine basically creates a groove, as in the tool goes down and up in X, but no feed in Z?...
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    Re: Dry milling of aluminum

    My thoughts:
    1. High pressure air or a cold air gun on the tool (cold air guns are pretty worthless in my experience. Generally, I'll take 90PSI shop air blowing on the tool over a cold air gun)
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    Fastest I can run 303 Stainless?

    Hello smart folks on CNCz,
    Im doing a demo and would like to do it out of 303 stainless. I need to run the speed as high as possible to hit my target cycle time. A speed of about 800 SFM is what I...
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    Re: Tool nose radius G42 and G41, T=

    In that case, just read my post in regards to Z travel direction.
    When traveling Z- it would be G42 Position 3
    When traveling Z+ it would be G41 same position. I was thinking about my lathe in my...
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    Re: Tool nose radius G42 and G41, T=

    Not sure about the tornos, but on a B0204 a standard front turn tool would be G41 Tool position 4 when programming Z+ (feeding out of guide bushing)

    Same tool position, G42 if going Z- (into guide...
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    Re: Multi Part Production

    This is silly easy.

    1. Load both programs in your control, run neither of them independently, as they will be run as sub programs by the following master program
    2. create a master program that...
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    Possible to do IF-OR-THEN on Fanuc 0i or 31i?

    I am writing a macro tutorial for my trainees and am testing syntax on my machines with a Fanuc 0i-TD control.

    The following syntaxes failed. Can you see anything wrong with these statements?
  17. Re: G1 and G0 making no difference when using macros

    On my Fanuc 0i controlled machine, G53 is inherently commanded as G0.

    I could command
    G1 A-13. F100.
    G53 A0
    and my machine will feed to A-13. at 100 IPM, then rapid to A0 even though G1 is...
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    Re: eccentric turning

    Why not just mill the hex with the main tools on the sub spindle? you just dont want to sacrifice the cycle time?
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    Re: Constant high rpm?

    I agree with Pro, the reason to limit RPMs below max is not bearing or machine life, but vibration caused by the bar and related issues.

    Also, I recently moved form 6 years programming Swiss to...
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    Re: threading at bar diameter

    Ditto to the ideas:
    1. Thread rolling will produce no chips and a faster cycle. As said, the investment up front is more expensive, but if its a long running job its easy to annuitize the cost over...
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    Re: Tapping Aluminum Cross hole seizing up

    Does retapping help or hurt?

    I mean, for example, command
    G84 Z1. F.1
    the 2nd Z1. will repeat the tapping cycle to the same depth. Give that a try and tell me, Does that bell mouth the...
  22. Re: Old Cincom L16, Quick start guide for programming and machine setup.

    Hi Roberto,
    Look at this thread for your T01 cant start problem:
    or, the...
  23. Re: How to alter soft overtravel limits for second head on star sr-32j

    I am not familiar specifically with your Star machine, but parameter 1320 is the + soft overtravel limit and 1321 is the - soft overtravel limit on nearly all fanuc machines
    The parameter is in...
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    Re: Happy to help with any Tornos questions.

    Are you asking about something programmed on TbDeco (a Deco or Evo Deco machine) or is the an ISO standard code machine like the ST or GT?
  25. Re: Citizens vs Star Service and Support in Michigan and other concerns

    I have ran Citizen and Tsugami, not star, but both Star and Tsugami use Fanuc controls and are nearly the same in terms of programing.

    It is correct that Citizen cannot start mid-program and you...
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