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  1. Re: NL2000MC/500 Mitsubishi Controls (Setting Ladder Bits Off/On)

    ...sounds like the ID/OD chucking Lockout is set wrong.
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    Re: My circles are always too small. Why?

    ...is it a Backlash problem or just bad quality ball screws?
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    Re: My circles are always too small. Why?

    ...are you using G12/G13 in your program? Not sure how F360 post are..but if, you use a G12/G13 code than all you have to do is change the Diameter Offset (stored D value) to fine tune the bore(s)...
  4. Re: Why does this program make the machine crash? - with video

    ...waiting for Manual before making the next chess move. imo

    great thread
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    Re: Need to make V17 and V21 run forever

    ...maybe try Compat/Admin modes with W7 for XP or Vista...right click for properties on program icon
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    Re: Can't upload program to fanuc 16-TT

    ...been blocked trying to post a link....so here is screen cap
  7. Re: Too many consecutive non motion blocks error

    ...one other thing you might try because of possible corruption of memory after power failure.
    If you have the DATC type tool...
  8. Re: Bridgport Interact Series 1 TNC 145 Control - Repair Needed

    ...check the Tachometer feedback brushes inside the axis motor. Dirty or worn out brushes will cause problems.
  9. Re: Anyone ever seen a R8 collet ground this way?

  10. Re: Centurion 6 boots to bios, will not go further

    ...check the BIOS battery sounds like it failed and all the settings were lost
  11. Re: Too many consecutive non motion blocks error

    ...this is a wild guess but, may be worth checking. Shut down the machine totally for 10-15mins and check the Backup Battery voltage. I have seen the battery cause comm problems before
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    Re: Deskcnc blues, 3k invested,

    ...you didn't say what PC o/s you're running... 32 or 64 bit might be a problem with older software too.
  13. CRC Helix

    ...depends on the CNC control...and the programmer:eek::
  14. Re: Looking for help with tapping steel with 1100 and Tormach Tension/Comp head

    1/4-20 tap impossible
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    Re: Increase cavity by X and Y axis.

    ...Scaling ?
    How to use Scale
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    Re: Code for tool radius adjust

    ...G10 Commands can do what you're looking for ( I think)
    Fanuc G10 G-Code for CNC Machine Programmable Offset Setting - Helman CNC
  17. Re: New Fadal user looking for advice on setup

    ...2nd Home position what you're looking for?
  18. Re: Why does this program make the machine crash? - with video

    ...mactec makes a good point maybe with defusion360...post process
  19. Re: Why does this program make the machine crash? - with video

    ...mazak was very advance for the day back in the future (5axis tool comp) .... I think you should try using G41/G42 in G17 mode first to figure out your favor the program format needs to be.
  20. Re: Looking into motion control/breakout boards and after recommendations

    ...is it better to think from the top down...or from the bottom up when building a cnc? ...are the real questions...besides costs
  21. Re: Looking for help Tree journeyman 425 mill

    ..Congrats on the new adventure. If, you can check with the Auctioneers about any paperwork might help ya too.
    250 good price. Do you have 3 Phase power in your garage?...going to need it to run...
  22. Thread: The basics

    by machinehop5

    Re: The basics

    find an old x86 putor...download it and test driver it...than you've some Idea of more questions.
    Getting LinuxCNC
  23. Re: Hurco BMC30 Ultimax 3 wont power up,

    ...might be a monitor problem. VGA ?
  24. Re: Need helpful ideas on how to reduce burrs on cross hikes with internal thread

    ... talk with the customer's engineering dept to re-design the part for ease of mfg....Omit the hole, move the hole, finish drill on assemble, etc Cross holes in threads are always tough to de-burr.
  25. Re: HELP! Newbie Having issues with ER32 tool pullout.

    ...try adding a plug/spacer in the bottom part of the collet ..(what ever size it is) so you compress the collet evenly at both ends of the taper.

  26. G41/G42 Testing

    ... your machine has which type on Tool Comp format A B or C ?

    I was reading this thread and Mazatrol is about the same format ....I think 25 years ago..may help ...
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    Re: New Fusion 360 limitations

    ...basic geometry only. No Feeds, Speeds, or M codes would be about as low as it can go. Right?
  28. I wonder if G42 or G41 Comp would be needed in a ZX move

    ...looks like your test proves how the Tool Length Comp works....now I wonder if a Dxx code with a G42 or G41 Diameter Comp code is needed in G18 mode ZX move to fix the original problem
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    Re: New Haas VM3 table out of flat

    ...has the machine been leveled?
  30. Re: Why does this program make the machine crash? - with video

    ...something doesn't make sense in this Test because if the Offset H2=125 than why is machine only going to Z-.75 when commanded to Z0

    try using G44 maybe also,, try adding the Y's and J's dims...
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