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    rough edge ( not smooth )

    Hello Everyone, had this problem today when I started the laser after doing some maintence, guessing its a simple fault on my half? Yesterday it cut smoothly but today its all jagged?
  2. Turning a Redsail 100w Laser into a 40w Laser - Requirements

    I have 2 Redsail Lasers, both 100W and thinking of tuning one of them into a 40W so that I can do deeper engravings into MDF.

    3 Reasons why I'm wanting to do this,
    1) I get to have both...
  3. Re: Electrical Question - 1 Higher Amp Power Point for 6 Machines

    Thanks George, I was just trying to work out the most cost efficient but also the safest too. I can either get him to install 4 or 5 standard Power Points in my workshop or possible save money by...
  4. Electrical Question - 1 Higher Amp Power Point for 6 Machines

    Getting an Electrician to add more Power Points. At the moment I'm using standard household Power Points. Like most people I have a few Power Boards with multiple machines plugged in but rarely are...
  5. Re: Anyone has experience about these Chinese companies bellow?

    Ahhhh the incredible way to save Thousands, Buy from China!!!! I'm up to my 6th Chinese Machine purchase over the past 4 Years, CNC ( 2 off ) Lasers ( 2 Off ) UV Printer ( 2 Off ) Both CNC's and...
  6. Re: RDworksV8 plugin not working for corelDRAW graphics suite 2018

    Oh I thought I'd replied to this but seems I must have forgotten to press Send.

    Here are the Steps I took

    1) Un-installed CorelDRAW 2018
    2) Uninstalled RDWorks
    3) Installed CorelDRAW 2018
  7. Re: RDworksV8 plugin not working for corelDRAW graphics suite 2018

    yes Jeff, just the one installed
  8. Re: RDworksV8 plugin not working for corelDRAW graphics suite 2018

    Thanks Jeff, Un-installed everything and Re-installed everything.
    No Errors this time, until I tried to send a test to RDWorks and got the error below.
    I re-installed RDWorks, tried again but the...
  9. Re: RDworksV8 plugin not working for corelDRAW graphics suite 2018

    Thanks Jalessi, I had tried the Latest version of RDWork so I tried the 8:01.26.exe and all worked up until trying to run the Macro in CorelDraw. I have attached the Dialog before and after pressing...
  10. Re: RDworksV8 plugin not working for corelDRAW graphics suite 2018

    Hello Jeff, Thanks for the Help, much appreciated! I have 2 versions installed, X8 and 2018, I have tried to "Locate Install Path" for both X8 and 2018 but still getting an error.
    Selecting the...
  11. Re: RDworksV8 plugin not working for corelDRAW graphics suite 2018

    Did anyone else install RDWorks onto CorelDraw 2018?
    I tried following the below, downloaded the Version shown below and Followed the YouTube Video but can't get past the first Install Screen.
  12. Wanting a Vacuum Former, new or Homemade Australia

    I’ve seen the Mayku for around $1200AUD but feel it’s very expensive for such a small usable area. I’m hoping to find one with a usable area of at least 30cm on 1 side.

    Hardest part I feel to...
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    Turning 100w Laser into a 40w Laser

    Just needing to know if I place a 40w Laser Tube in a 100w machine do I need to replace the 100w power supply to a 40w power supply or make any other changes?

    Thanks in advance
  14. Thread: New Laser Head

    by KenR60

    New Laser Head

    Does anyone have any decent contacts for purchasing a Laserhead to suit a 20mm lens? Just been quoted $134AUD just to ship a laser head to Australia when I buy 10 Litres of Ink delivered for...
  15. How much Ink to fill an area at 20% ink *** Mathematical Brains required ***

    OK, my Brain isn't the best at my age lol I'm trying to work out my Costs for printing using a UV Printer.

    Ink per Litre is $50
    Ink % is set to 20%

    So I'm just basing this on a Square...
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    Wanted, Someone with more IQ then I do

    OK, simply put I have the below setup

    1) Using CorelDraw I draw a design
    2) I sent to RDWorks
    3) I take Screenshot of the CorelDraw Design in Colour
    4) Using the ScreenShot I Open that in my...
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    Why is my RDWorks image Backwards?

    Just started using RDWorks and going by a lot of Goggling I haven't found the solution to these two problems

    1) I found that the Axis X Mirror shouldn't be checked but when I send the job to the...
  18. Thread: MJ-5000 Chiller

    by KenR60

    MJ-5000 Chiller

    Looking for a PDF or online Manual for a MJ-5000 Chiller. Thanks in Advance
  19. Rotary Attachment - Which is better, 4 Wheel or Jaws version?

    Are there For's and Against's the Jaws verse 4 wheel Rotary Attachments??
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    Attaching Rotary to 2017 RedSail Laser

    Just bought my second Redsail Laser, 100w 2017 model and wanting to put a Rotary attachment on it. I’ve been told there isn’t a port for this so what’s involved with getting this happening? It’s...
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    Re: 40 watt tube on a 100w Power supply

    Thanks for all your information, cheaper to buy a 40w power supply then risk it :-)
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    40 watt tube on a 100w Power supply

    Yes possibly a silly question but unless you ask you don’t know. I have a 100w Lazer that’s going to be spare soon so I was just going to put a 40w tube in it without replacing the Power Supply and...
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    Solving Out of square axis

    Hello everyone, my 900x600 bed seems to be out of Square to the gantry as cutting 2 circles and placing them on top of each other gives different shapes. Can anyone direct me to a detail method of...
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    Air Assist looking better when turned ofF?

    Here is an odd problem, I am running a 100 Watt Laser with around 108 lpm of air assist. Tonight I forgot to turn the air on and while working next to the laser wondered why I couldn't see through...
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    AutoLaser - Release all Font Lines

    I am using AutoLaser 2.2.2 If I use a Font that has engraving lines inside the font I can't click or separate the lines between Cutting and Engraving. Hoping there is a method to release all lines?
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