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    Re: 60" x 40" new build

    110V 3 phase is unusual. I'd guess that to run it from 110/120V, you would run it in delta. Wye would then be for 208V (much more common in 3-phase.)
    Odd that there are fields on the motor...
  2. Re: IT’S ALIVE!!

    I've read very few accounts of customers who regret Clearpath's. They aren't the best bang for the buck power wise (DMM servos are more traditional AC servos, but very inexpensive and...
  3. Sticky: Re: WidgitMaster's Largest Steel Router Table Project 9ft x 5ft x 8" Water Cooled Spi

    Just because Windows 10 supports parallel ports doesn't mean it will work with Mach.
    A quick search shows that Mach on Windows 10 either doesn't work with the parallel port, or is enough trouble...
  4. Re: Converting a CNC boring machine to full 3-axis

    What are the voltages and frequencies on that scope reading? Hard to tell from just a pic. Is the motor making noise? (Driving a square wave through a motor would ordinarily make quite a bit of...
  5. Re: Converting a CNC boring machine to full 3-axis

    Sounds like a tachometer rather than an encoder. Probably not useful for the Machdrive. Most modern servo amplifiers just get the velocity signal by differentiating the position signal, but on...
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    Re: 5um vs. 1um linear encoders

    From the research I've done (not that much,) adding linear scales as a second servo loop isn't really done much. I think most linear scales have slower response than servo encoders, so that will...
  7. Re: New Build/PM30-MV Mill/Acorn/DMM DYN4-.75KW X/Y/Z SERVO/1.8KW DMM SERVO SPINDLE

    Sorry, missed your response way back when.
    Head weight will vary a bit between having no collet or drawbar in it vs having a big face mill installed. Also, depending upon the type of spring, the...
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    Re: FNG question on parts/retro

    Quite a few have done CNC lathe conversions. Generally the lead screws are replaced with ball screws, so most can't be used manually anymore. Biggest issue with ball screw replacement is that the...
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    Re: remove ER11 collet

    The collet holder is probably pressed on. Not likely you'll be able to get it off without damaging the bearings. Those types of spindles are pretty poor in general anyway. Runout is pretty bad and...
  10. Re: Hua Jiang/Huanyang + VFD Combo - Sudden loss of torque

    Are you sure the fan ran before? Some of these have 'smart' fans that only run when the unit is warm enough to need cooling.
  11. Re: Problem with cranking up the current for steppers

    36v shouldn't damage the steppers, but it can certainly damage the drivers. Looks like the PoStep25-32 are only rated for up to 30v.
  12. Re: Using Hall Effect sensors as limit/home switches

    Might work, might burn something out.
    That hall module will only work if pin 13 is pulled up to between 3 and 5.5v and is triggered when the pin is grounded. If it's pulled down and triggered when...
  13. Re: What happens if I apply voltage to a transformer that is different than it's rati

    It's not just the insulation rating in a transformer that comes in to play, the volts per turn matters as well. Doubling the volts per turn will likely cause significant unloaded loss in the...
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    Re: Jake's 4x8 CNC Build

    That Z axis plate won't need to be nearly that long. Keep in mind that tool holders have some minimum length (usually at least 60mm flange distance on 30 taper/HSK63 I think,) the spindle nose has...
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    Re: My Z axis only moves at high speed...

    Having the same speed on the axes applies more to the X and Y. As long as Z is at least half as fast as X and Y it won't impact things much.
    Not a bad thing to have the max Z speed equal to X and Y...
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    Re: off grid X2 CNC without power inverter?

    I think I would skip the power conditioner as well. As long as everything can handle 32v or so (max you'd probably see on a fully charged 24v battery,) and be able to run at 22v or so.
    X2's usually...
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    Re: GME's New 80/20 CNC Build - My Design

    It's most likely to prevent the router from getting damaged during transport and to help keep things square while (and after) welding. Ask any mech engineer, rectangles are weak, triangles are...
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    Re: One more DIY first born CNC

    Right now it looks as if your table will only be connected to the long rails by the 4 corners. They need to be much more tightly coupled. Right now, picture how much flex you would get if the...
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    Re: GME's New 80/20 CNC Build - My Design

    I was referring to the photo of the yellow router.
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    Re: GME's New 80/20 CNC Build - My Design

    If the lower leg braces being referred to are the horizontal pieces (one with cable drag chain on it,) then those do almost nothing for stability/strength. They just keep the legs parallel. If the...
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    I think a 20mm lead single start could work with a 10mm lead double start, but could only transmit half the force (one of the starts wouldn't be used.)
  22. Re: A problem with designs shifting with each layer

    Could be you're losing one step each time those axes reverse. I'd had that issue with a cheap driver board I had years ago. I ended up just trashing the board, as I found other issues with it.
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    Re: Changing encoders

    Need more specifics. If it's an AC servo, you would probably need one that is specifically compatible with the drive. If it's a DC servo, it depends on the drive.
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    Re: opto-isolator and PWM speed control.

    Hm, I think my logic was off. I think you would be best off putting a logic inverter after the opto and then just have a single resistor after that.
    I guess using a much larger value resistor for...
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    Re: opto-isolator and PWM speed control.

    I think R3 should be connected to the + of C5, and its value changed to match R4.
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