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    Re: My Plasmacam Review MUST READ!

    At the beginning of the Spring of 2019, I sold two Go Torch machines and one of my Samson 510 tables. I tried to sell the other 510 and the 4x4 DHC2, but ran out of time. So now it is November...
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    Re: Laser not cutting through

    This is why I only look at "Made in the USA". The Chinese lasers work ... okay, but you get what you pay for.
  3. Re: PlasmaCam never has worked and new ag teacher

    As I have no memory, I cannot name the person or give you a link, but someone DID figure out how to use the PlasmaCam tables with Gecko (?) equipment and I believe they used the original PlasmaCam...
  4. Re: cutting 1/2 metal and started getting error codes after about the 10 square.

    More information is needed.

    Are you using the height control, meaning, are you using a torch shield with the height control wire attached to it?

    I do not have the error codes memorized, so...
  5. Re: Plasma Cam Controller, Tube Cutter, Config and able to modify?

    The rail lift kit for both the 4x4 and 5x10 tables are nearly completed, and will be available soon. I will announce when the kits are available for purchase.

    My own 4x4 table has an electric...
  6. Re: PlasmaCam never has worked and new ag teacher

    The new DesignEdge software is about $2K, but that does NOT include all of the upgrades that ADD the features that were included in the old original 3.11 software. PlasmaCam removed everything, and...
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    Re: How Do I Draw WONKY GEARS!!!

    I purchased the GEARIFY program late last night, JUST because I wanted to see what it was about. It is a good program, but at least for the moment, it looks like it does NOT use traditional gear...
  8. Poll: Re: Your thoughts about the new "Gearotic Motion" software

    I am JUST getting into this, as I have some art projects in mind that require the fabrication of GEARS! I was told about GEAROTIC MOTION and another program called GEARIFY, and I believe there is...
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    Re: How Do I Draw WONKY GEARS!!!

    Thank you! I am going to buy the software right away and get started. I am thinking of buying that KERN laser table, but I could use my CNC plasma table and CNC router table to create the various...
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    How Do I Draw WONKY GEARS!!!

    I have the Gear Generator and a couple of other programs that will allow me to design round gears of any configuration.

    I want to do some metal art pieces that use gears of a NON-traditional shape...
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    Re: program to convert to G code

    Hahaha! Yes, finding new 3-1/2" floppy disks, or even the older 5-1/4" floppy disks!

    Heck. I am 61. I have four or five of them in my back. :violin:
  12. Considering a KERN 50x100 400W CO2 laser table

    I went to the FabTech 2019 show in Chicago and saw the Kern Laser table. They had their Optiflex 50x100 table there to drool over, but it was not cutting.

    I am considering adding this machine to...
  13. Re: FABTECH 2019 - Chicago IL - Video and Photos

    I was there for three days. The PAIN of walking ... 20 miles? Maybe more. The McCormick Place is friggin’ HUGE!

    I saw some things I want to buy for my shop, but I am struggling with that pesky...
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    Re: Plasmacam Issue With .DXF Import

    What image?
  15. Re: Headed To FabTech 2019 in Chicago - Tired of PlasmaCAM

    Oh man!

    I’ve got my eye on the KERN LASER 50x100 table with a 400 Watt CO2 laser and the rotary attachment for the AMAZING low price of only $184,000.00 !!!

    It will cut 3/16” mild steel, 1/8”...
  16. Re: Headed To FabTech 2019 in Chicago - Tired of PlasmaCAM

    Gotta love Chicago!

    Room - $403.00 per night

    Valet Parking - $59.00 per night

    Conference lunch in McCormick Place - $27.00 per day

    Snack meal at the cafe on the corner - $44.00
  17. Headed To FabTech 2019 in Chicago - Tired of PlasmaCAM

    So I logged onto the Owners Community yesterday. I didn't want to, but I was forced to because the time bomb built into my version 4.48 of DesignEdge went off.

    Apparently the forums are all...
  18. Re: Back at Home and Ready for Online Training!

    This may well be a limited time offer.
  19. Back at Home and Ready for Online Training!

    My summer is over. I am back at my home in Kentucky, and I am set up for online conferencing and training for designEdge software.

    I will have to upgrade at least one of my PCs to the newest...
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    Re: Wood router information

    I have used the PlasmaCam and Samson 510 tables extensively with routers.

    PlasmaCam uses the DeWalt 660 trim router, but a better router is the DeWalt 611 or the Porter Cable size equivalent. I...
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    Re: PlasmaCAM Version

    So many people are in the same boat. No software. No support. No options.
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    Re: Plasmacam newbie

    Owners of the old DHC machines running the 3.11 software are basically running dinosaurs. The machines and the CURRENT software ("DesignEDGE") are supported, and only when you have updated your...
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    Re: Plasmacam newbie

    Where are you located?

  24. Re: Plasmacam won't support my old machine. Need Help hooking up new PM 85 w/i

    Where are you located?

    The video manual has a blurb about how to hook up the 85 to the DHC2 using the plasmacam torch control cable. If you are close, I can swing by to help you get it up and...
  25. Re: DesignEdge ONLINE Training - Limited Time Offer

    My offer is withdrawn. I cannot delete posts here on CNC Zone, so this is the alternative.
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