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  1. Adding ball screw to lathe for Electronic Lead Screw

    Greets to all!

    I am outfitting my Sieg C4/LMS 3536 9"x16" lathe with an electronic lead screw control. I'd like to add ball screws, but don't want to break the bank! Probably the existing 20mm x...
  2. Cook Tool & Machine - used tool reseller

    Greets to all! Would like to point you to the eBay store of Cook Tool & Machine.
    We are in Sicklerville, NJ. Have been here nearly 40 years and have a wide array of goodies.
    If you are in the...
  3. What is proper lube for small rotary table?

    I have a Gavin (India) 4" rotary table which I have disassembled. It has been factory lube'd with some sort of heavy, sticky oil on the shafts and some rather nasty looking/smelling grease on the...
  4. Looking for comments on a stepper motor indexer idea

    Would like to drive a machinists rotary table with a stepper motor, controlled thru an Arduino.

    The table rotates 4 degrees per handle revolution. I can run the stepper at 400 steps per...
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