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    Re: Melted wire from laser tube

    No, this is a purely electrical fault, not overheating. The pump did not cause it (but check it anyway).
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    Re: Mach 3 tuning

    I don't know how to fix it on the software side, but you can add a permanent resistor (or a trimpot) to make the detent position exactly 100%.
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    Re: Melted wire from laser tube

    I have successfully used regular acetic silicone (identified by strong vinegar smell) for electronic repairs - insulating wires, securing parts and connectors etc. I even potted entire circuit boards...
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    Re: Melted wire from laser tube

    This is not melting, this is high voltage arcing. Electrical tape is not really suitable for insulating high voltage wires. You need to unwrap it, clean the wires and splice them properly. Here is...
  5. Re: Adding Vintage Milliamp meter to laser cutter

    1/49th to be exact.
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    Re: Need to add fan to control box

    No, do not do that. The voltage will not divide evenly between them, so one unlucky fan will soon burn out, and then the other one will do the same.

    You need to either find 24V fan(s), or convert...
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    Re: 10 HP spindle

    The machine needs to have some serious rigidity (for a DIY router anyway) to handle a 10hp spindle. Can't wait to see your build thread. :wave:
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    Re: Compressor opinion: Coaire

    What kind of controller does it have? Does it give you any error message or code? If the pump itself is working, the compressor is DEFINITELY worth fixing.
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    Re: Adding collars to endmills?

    There is nothing wrong with plastic collars (AKA depth rings). If you can't find them in your size, you can easily make your own (you do have a CNC machine, right?).

    As for the distance, just set...
  10. Re: not one Zero touch plate macros are working

    Here is my touch plate script. The speeds and distances are in millimeters, so change them accordingly if you are using inches.

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    Re: Surface probing

    Take a look at Autoleveller, this is what I use for engraving and PCB milling. I have Mach3, but Autoleveller should work with pretty much any machine controller that supports G-code and probing...
  12. Re: Stepper makes noise but does not move! (after transporting)

    You are welcome, I'm glad you found the problem. Congratulations on your first CNC machine!
  13. Re: Stepper makes noise but does not move! (after transporting)

    Make sure both motor coils are connected to the driver, you may have a broken wire or a loose connector somewhere. If one coil is disconnected, the motor will buzz/vibrate but will not rotate.
  14. Re: Question about a live center cartridge

    It seems that attachments and avatars for newly registered users do not show up on the forum (to discourage spammers I presume). So we will not be seeing any pictures from you for a little while.
  15. Re: How to machine 2 sided parts on a entry level CNC mill

    I usually drill a small through hole in the stock at known coordinates. After I machine side 1, I turn the part over and set the new X origin using that hole.

    As for the Y axis, I simply align the...
  16. Re: Leveling stock using 4th axis and probe

    No, Z0 does not matter. The formula will give you the same answer no matter where your Z0 is.
  17. Re: Leveling stock using 4th axis and probe

    The arc tangent formula should be correct for any two points, assuming the stock is flat. For instance, if your probe touches at (Y=3, Z=-0.07) and (Y=5, Z=-0.05), then the stock is tilted

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    Re: My CNC has gone CRAZY please help

    You are losing the position of your X axis. Now you need to find out where and why.

    You said you did check "all the screws" - including the coupler between the motor and the lead screw, right?...
  19. Re: Leveling stock using 4th axis and probe

    Wouldn't that be arctan(Zdiff/Ydist)? Ydist is the distance between the two probing points (centered at Y=0), Zdiff is the difference between the probe readings in those points.
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    Re: My enclosure for the UC400ETH.

    Looks pretty, if nothing else! :wave:
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    Re: BMC40M Tool Relase Button

    Just measure the mounting hole dimensions and find a suitable button that fits it. eBay, DigiKey, or your local electronic parts store if you have one nearby.

    Is it really a 2-pole button though?...
  22. Re: Milling FR4 PCBs, how hazardous?

    I would not worry about it any more than you worry about wood or plastic dust. Same cleanup procedures should be OK.
  23. Re: Milling FR4 PCBs, how hazardous?

    Especially before going to bathroom. Certain parts of male anatomy do not respond well to fiberglass dust exposure.
  24. Re: Milling FR4 PCBs, how hazardous?

    Are you talking mass production or just making a couple PCBs for hobby use? I personally would not worry beyond basic precautions, such as wearing a dust mask and cleaning the table with a vacuum...
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    Re: CNC6040 Proposed mod

    The picture did not show up in your post (probably because you don't have enough post count yet), but adding 2 more rails brings the problem of aligning them in the same plane. There is a good reason...
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