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  1. Re: Milltronics ML15 Centurion 6 how to change G18 plane

    There is no difference with ZX vs XZ .... it is the same plane

    A lathe is set to XZ (G18) by default.... it may not accept the G17/18/19 codes nor have any parameter that can be altered.

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    Re: CNC Lathe G-code for cutting radius

    This post was started back in March 2019
    the OP has probably worked it out

    so kitty... stop beating a dead horse
    .... there is no one at home to test your code.
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    Re: CNC Lathe G-code for cutting radius

    doubled up
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    Re: Why can't I use one pass here?

    Turn on "Auto Angle" ... or set "Rough Angle" to 90° or 270° to machine the thinner section
  5. Re: How to set the origin at the corner of the stock?

    in the stock tab....
    centre top is set as default where the co-ord XYZ points to...

    try L-clicking on a corner of the diagram (to move the stock origin )

    PS.... this is how to place the...
  6. Re: Okuma Millac 800VH - 15818 "APC A position not complete".

    I have had issues with APC no completing the cycle
    .... Rapid override set to zero
    .... spindle toolclamp in open condition ( or in-cycle )
  7. Re: iTNC 530 tool table transfer problem . . .

    You can open the .T file (control file) in Notepad .... then do a SaveAs to get it onto the computer
  8. Re: 0iMB sent program is concatenated/cut short - no error, not memory full

    quickest check is to query any characters that appear in the program .... but are not available on the control's keyboard
    ie @ # ' " : ° etc

    delete a suspect character then resend ... this will...
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    Re: Fanuc OM Series

    On our OM controls on our Hardinges ...
    one of them needs M6 before the T code.
    so try M6 Tx;
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    A google shows this machine is a 5 axis..... yes...

    A google shows this machine is a 5 axis..... yes ?
    it would need a custom post to suit that control & that machine

    A fanuc 5-axis post from another machine may not run your machine correctly.
  11. Re: Internal Threading program help!! how to work out the P value

    P for inch programming is 1 micro inch ie P0001
    your P026 = 0.0026"
    try P0260
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    Re: Okuma LB15 z position problem

    Is the front of the part still at the origin ?
    Has it been pushed back in the chuck by the cutting actin, or tailstock ?
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    Re: HMC Program Trouble with G03

    Your error could be that both I & K need to be stated on all arcs

    N103 would also error as it would use the K-42. value from line N101

    Suggest that all arcs have both addresses stated, and they...
  14. A word of advice.... a Udrill does not create a...

    A word of advice.... a Udrill does not create a flat base... some tips are square, some have a curved long edge... but the tip is rotated so the tip radius is what cuts the outer diameter. It can...
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    Re: unrolling a circle

    It's a bit more awkward than that
    .... if rolling or bumping a sheet, the OD stretches & ID compresses...
    roughly speaking, the mean sheet thickness is calculated for the bend

    ... so ... 9.75 x...
  16. Thread: Arc confusion

    by Superman

    Re: Arc confusion

    Mills use G17 for standard arcs where the centre point is on the same plane as each point on the arc...
    so G17 XY & IJ
    G18 XZ & IK
    the 3rd axis is sometimes used for creating a helical move

  17. Re: What top wrench do you guys use for ER25 spindles?

    Design one that you can use away from the machine similar to LINK

    If you have MT3 tools like this
    .... then maybe a hole with 2 flats to stop rotation would work
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    I assume the machine is a mill... ... small...

    I assume the machine is a mill...
    ... small linear moves are what is creating the stutter ( executing the moves faster than what the program can be read... a standard issue ) (Adjusting or turning...
  19. I'd consider doing one for 45° so to do larger...

    I'd consider doing one for 45° so to do larger chamfers, as well as being a facemill
    ... make it a little longer so you can grip it & not get pinched when putting it into the spindle
  20. Thread: National para

    by Superman

    Re: National para

    MacMAN ( if I remember ) can also display what key presses have occurred & at what time.... more evidence if an operator is doing "shifty" business.
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    Re: Forgot Name of German Drill Bits

    Guhring ??
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    Re: Live tool lathe

    Our CTX with shopturn has the milling direction control on the 1st "stock" setup page of each programm
  23. You seem to know what his machine & control is......

    You seem to know what his machine & control is... want to let the rest of us know ? (the question was asked, but not answered)

    I did say "some controls".... and if the actual code worked...it is...
  24. On some controls G53 is a one-shot use of the...

    On some controls G53 is a one-shot use of the machine co-ord system.... so if the control can read G53 codes, and, you have proved that it does work by MDI... there should be no problem keeping it in...
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    Re: Help identify these cnc parts.

    The large tubes with cross holes & 2 tabs are for the inner tube of an auto chuck ( inner tube screws into rear of power chuck to move the jaws .... good idea to occasionally take out & clean away...
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