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    Re: 3D Printer Metal?

    Are you talking about a 3D printer that's made out of metal, or one that actually prints metal parts?
  2. Re: Drilling Holes Through Copper with Extreme Accuracy

    Following on that suggestion, you might start with half-blocks of copper, face them off flat and mill trenches down the middle of them with a ball-end cutter to make 2 matching blocks that, when...
  3. Re: Drilling Holes Through Copper with Extreme Accuracy

    This might be a job for an abrasive waterjet. Any drill bit that sticks out 3 inches (let alone 6) will wander a little.
  4. Thread: Hobby CNC

    by awerby

    Re: Hobby CNC

    So that's an old CMM? And that thing that looks like a spindle isn't one? It seems like it should be fairly easy to convert to a mill, but you need to figure out a spindle that works with the sort of...
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    Re: Which is X, and which is Y

    Usually X is the longest axis. It works out better for laying things out on a monitor screen, which is wider than it is high. Most CAD programs will present you with a screen for the basic plan view...
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    Re: desktop cnc engraver steel

    Engraving isn't too difficult for most CNC routers; they typically have fast spindles which work well with tiny pointed tools. But if you need to make the dies as well as engrave on them, that will...
  7. Re: Help needed - stepper motor z axis keeps on creeping down while linear machining

    It could be that you're losing steps on the move upwards, or it can be a simple mechanical failure. An open loop stepper system has no way of verifying the actual position it's achieved, but just...
  8. Thread: Design Concepts

    by awerby

    Re: Design Concepts

    Granite is very hard and obdurate stuff. Lapping a large granite surface to be flat within .001" or so by hand would be a major chore. It would also require another large perfectly flat reference...
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    Re: 4x8 (plus a bit) heavy duty router build

    I like your table; people rarely put as much time and effort into them. I'd suggest putting more attention into the attachment between the gantry uprights and the linear rails. It looks like it's...
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    Re: Gear reduction for Nema 23 4.2 A

    I'm not sure why you want to run your router that slowly. Most steppers are run 1:1; they have a hard enough time getting up to speed even then. If you were running servos, reduction gearing would...
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    Re: naive question from a noob

    There is a difference between mills that cut metals and routers that cut wood and plastics. While the machines look similar, it takes a much more rigid machine to cut metals with any kind of speed or...
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    Re: 4th axis build with Harmonic Drive

    I'd go with the timing belt system; it seems easier to build, and like you say, it leaves the bore unobstructed. It seems like you should have resolution to spare. It's not going to go very fast, but...
  13. Re: Vertical vs moving table (bridge) cnc stifness

    The vertical design in the picture would more accurately be called a "L" frame. A "C" frame cantilevers the Z axis out on a massive casting, like the classic Bridgeport design. But aside from that,...
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    Re: 3D CAM questions.

    Every CAM program is different, so what works with one might not with another. But f you want to add geometry or cut existing geometry, that's usually done in CAD first, then exported to the CAM...
  15. Re: 3' x 4', welded steel frame...critique wanted!

    That looks like a pretty nice design. I'd like to see more reinforcement, like X bracing, under the beams that support the gantry; that will stop some bouncing around. And if you connect the two...
  16. Re: Another DIY CNC Machine Project… - Looking for some advice

    I'd vote for the fast (10mm) screws, since those NEMA 34 motors will likely have fairly high inductance, and while they've got lots of torque, won't want to go too fast.
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    Re: 5 axis or 4 axis

    If you don't really need 5 axes, don't bother with it. Buying a program that will write 5-axis code will likely cost more than the machine itself, however configured.
  18. Re: Serious step loss while milling : cannot find the problem

    It doesn't sound like your typical lost step error, because that doesn't show up on the DRO screens; the numbers look normal, as commanded by G-code, but the location is wrong. In your case, it's...
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    Re: Taig Mill Capabilities

    I don't foresee any particular problems in the parts you're talking about, if they fit in the Taig's work envelope with enough room left over to get the tool where it needs to be. Cutting brass...
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    Re: stepper speed some clarification required

    What made you think it should have gone twice as fast? With a 3D carving like that, increasing the feed speed doesn't have much effect. The problem is that you've got a whole lot of tiny sideways...
  21. Thread: CNC capability

    by awerby

    Re: CNC capability

    You really have sheets of plywood 5 meters long and 2.5 meters wide? Are the shapes you want to cut out of them really big too?
  22. Thread: Maxi cam cnc

    by awerby

    Re: Maxi cam cnc

    Try backing it off the limit switch, manually if necessary.
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    Re: Advice for a cnc machine

    That's unlikely to be made by a CNC machine directly, although a CNC mill might be involved in making the original, which is then molded and cast to produce multiples. There's no single machine that...
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    Re: RhinoCAM 2018 compatibility

    I don't think so. By 2018, Rhino was well into version 5, and 6 for Windows was released in February of that year. https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/rhinohistory Also, software licenses generally require...
  25. Re: Recommend hobbyist CAM software for 4 axis mill

    If you want DeskProto for business use, that's fine, but they can't sell it to you at the heavily-discounted hobbyist price. While you can certainly use it to make mechanical-type parts, it doesn't...
  26. Re: Recommend hobbyist CAM software for 4 axis mill

    Give DeskProto a try. The multi-axis edition has various 4th-axis strategies, and there's a special price for hobbyists.It's pretty simple to use; it was developed for non-machinists, so there's not...
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    Re: CO2 laser - for my wife ;)

    Make sure to put it in a light-safe enclosure, with a shut-off so that it turns off when you open the box.
  28. Re: Granite build, stuck in my design, please help!

    The biggest problem I see with that design is the Z axis. You've made it rise up way past the gantry, but this doesn't get you any usable travel, unless you're planning on machining foam with...
  29. Re: how do I drill lots of small diameter holes in MDF

    Use a drill bit if you're drilling holes; that's what they're for. They're readily available in the size you need, and won't heat up unduly; certainly not as much as endmills with buried flutes.
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    Re: My 1st CNC build

    Nice build, CR - it looks really solid. Have you run it yet? What are you planning to use it for?
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