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  1. Re: Big difference between the drawing and the work piece.

    Do not replace the motion controller yet; you claim the motions are correct ("When the depth is 2-4mm, still ok (perfect.jpg). When it is 8-10mm, they are shifted.")
    Therefore it is not a motion...
  2. Re: Lathe Spindle Drive Options - AC Servo vs BLDC vs Stepper vs DC Brushed

    Subscribed. Interested to find out as well. Just purchased a small 2nd hand Sieg C4 mini lathe all cnc'ed already and there is absolutely no way to control the spindle motor other than "manually". ...
  3. Re: [TNGv2] - Wireless handwheel (MPG pendant)

    Does not appear so, I've checked before making my statement. The same unit, different logo/brand, would be on the market and flooding already if from China (naturally).
    Could well be from a 3rd...
  4. Re: [TNGv2] - Wireless handwheel (MPG pendant)

    That's the price for tested, quality and small qty manufacturing nowadays. I realize this isn't exactly cheap, but hey man, "it works" (priceless if you ask me).
    By all means, have those Chinese kit...
  5. Re: [TNGv2] - Wireless handwheel (MPG pendant)

    The eBay/Amazon/chinese wifi pendants will not work with PlanetCNC's proprietary controllers and signals.
    They are designed for Mach3 and come with supporting software/macros to function properly,...
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    Re: Newbie With Facemill Danger..LOL

    Re-take: I've just looked up X2 Milling Machine. It-is-small... didn't know/realize.
    Worth mentioning that your milling machine isn't designed for such large diameter tool so go "extra light cuts"...
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    Re: Newbie With Facemill Danger..LOL

    The advice from member "awerby" is correct; light cuts and several passes at slow speed to begin with.
    The low price for a facemill holder is not an impediment for a benchtop mini mill, what you...
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    Re: Scary VM10U problems

    That might come across as ignorant but what can you machine with simultaneous 5ax that is so forbidden that you can't machine today on any let's say mach3/4, linuxcnc or even a 6ax bot or 3D print...
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    Re: FreeCAD software and basis tutorials

    Nice software with rather powerful functionalities for an open source project. One of the best, if not The Best.
    Using it myself, although more or less taking advantage of its customization...
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    Re: 3D Probe - Tri-balls type accuracy & DIY

    Welcome in our group Novec, thanks! So far; Bob, Bill, Novec, two colleagues/friends, and myself.
    I was planing on placing an order for tools, mat & components this coming weekend and start a small...
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    Re: Most accurate home switch for rotary axis

    Not sure if the advertised encoder was typo'ed but 16bits will give you a 0.005deg accuracy, if your servo is also 16bits (or more preferably).
  12. Re: Determining the velocity of an axis near real-time

    Pretty much. A 50mhz crystal to an input pin and off you go, can pulse/duty or correct what you want based on that clock really. Good project for you to bring in hdl to your existing toolbox, if you...
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    Re: How to make it stop screeching?!

    Nobody can really answer that question, all based on luck really. Compromised bearing(s) aren't necessarily something you can call usable at the first place, if this is confirmed to be the problem,...
  14. Re: Calling all Titanium grade 5 machinists in Australia and New Zealand

    Your mat grade's market are engineers, not machinists. I'd compile the set of mechanical/thermal properties and stress-strain curves at various temperatures for the process(es) you utilize and...
  15. Re: Determining the velocity of an axis near real-time

    Could be.
    I'd just hook up an optical or magnetic encoder IC with an affordable xilinx spartan-3 or 6 to the A axis directly and send that pulse over the vfd (if that'd be me).
    Just never know...
  16. Re: Determining the velocity of an axis near real-time

    Unclear what you are trying to determine, axis angular or linear velocity?
    With knowledge of the radius and feedrate (to my limited knowledge I think M3 can provide real-time), velocity for both...
  17. Re: Calling all Titanium grade 5 machinists in Australia and New Zealand

    Can you post the mechanical properties of your material? We'd also need to see the stress-strain curve/relation at various temperatures.
    If you plan on offering a processed mat, you need to...
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    Re: Linear Motion Breaking

    As Jim rightly pointed out the breaking will need to be carried by the driving unit, if accurate positioning & holding is what's required.
    Any 3rd force applied to your rotating assembly will put...
  19. Re: Fanuc 5t Post Processor System Fusion Help! (Or JavaScript help!?)

    We'd need to see that createFormat() method, which is what computes the outputs, not the var.
    Also post a few lines example of the current Gcode you are getting and the desired one, just so we...
  20. Re: Didn't know you could mill hardened steel this smoothly.

    Can do this with any coated carbide tool, even the cheap ones from China. The demo is certainly nice, although what they don't tell you is you'll have to replace that tool hourly at that DOC and...
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    Re: Is unlocking 4th and 5th axis nessary

    All depending on the controller you have and how the axis' params are set. Most modern controls can do this automatically.
    Although params for automated clamping isn't the most popular feature....
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    Re: Need help please

    Let us know if you need any help for either organic curves modeling, up to the dedicated fpga's verilog logic blocks programming, or even vnck custom automation kits (like DMG's). Lots of amazing...
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    Re: Liquid metal printing

    All looks good on the pictures and videos ;-) Just don't drop the part on a harden concrete floor... you'll be sweeping hundreds of little pieces LOL
    That very high frequency "ding" sound, you...
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    Re: VFD Trouble, Can't Find Manual

    You need to troubleshoot the VFD, e.g. current and voltage drop/unbalance between phases, etc.
    Not sure how the manual help here. Try to seek for tutorials on how to troubleshoot a VFD, that would...
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    Re: Need help please

    I was more making reference to "innovative ideas" with cosmetic advancements (see DMG's screengrab) more than just copying what others have done already. In fact you are wrong about everyone using...
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